A single person can influence world change!

True story of the First Waterways Clean Up...

Melbourne Australia

We have all suffered and when we stand for the truth, without blaming others... we learn from our experiences - thus I let go of my inner pains! Richard A. Fletcher

Before I tell you about the Waterways I wish to illustrate that this story is true and is not told to encourage any discord. This true story is about all of us learning about forgiveness and sharing that sometimes when we are or feel abused we in term perpetrate abuse towards others, so please learn the lesson of forgiveness and like me allow yourself to share the spiritual forgiveness experience, so in this way you can act from your true compassion and be part of a team of people from around the world who are working to stop the cycle of human pain that has lead humanity to poverty, homelessness, crime and war. World Peace starts with your inner Peace and you manifest it in others by your forgiveness!

My Spiritual experience

I have discovered that through every one of my human actions and painful experiences I have learned something, in fact as I read through my own stories I discover aspects of myself and how important my past experiences have been to model me into who I am right now, that is, just a loving spiritual being who always wanted to do good yet for one reason or another others blamed me for creating their pain yet I did not even know why until I started looking at the ways I have been experiencing my human creation.

So sharing my experiences with you is not about you discovering how good I am at anything, it is just my way of showing that as I have learn you can also learn how everything is created. That everything is possible, and when an individual decides to create a humanity change this is also possible regardless how big is the goal. That you as a single individual do influence the lives of those of people around you, including people you will never even meet.

What you saw you shall ripe!

So please be aware of what you think since your thoughts will become your creations and they will always come back for you to benefit or for you to confront them, to help you realise all the pain associated with prevoius actions and thoughts giving you new opportunties to recreate them into new better outcomes for everyone.

So where you feel something you have done is not appropriate, then forgive yourself then forgive others for the pain you have experience. Change your actions and thoughts, get on with your life, start making new choices and make the appropriate corrections where ever possible.

The Humanity Game

Our Human Game, is like building a Sand Castle that everyone must help to build and our human existence will not be complete until the castle is finished, that is regardless of anybody that pulls it down and or any waves that may destroy it. Our mission it is to finish it, so we learn about true human and spiritual cooperation. So it does not matter who gets the credit for it, as the Human Game is only about the Castle been completed.

So slowly, as we all influence each other, we will all grow encouraging others to also learn about themselves for the betterment of the whole of humanity. God's miracle is that has given us a magical tool, an inner awareness, that eventually gains over all the ugly aspects or the shadow aspects ourselves have created through our divinely given 'Freedom of Choice.' Once we give up our human ego game, we realize we have started improving no matter how low we have felt, we finally see the light of compassion and inner love and life becomes better. Thus we must never must lose hope!

It is never too late to change, it takes little steps, one at the time, and through these little steps, we make our lives and the lives of those around us better and happier, until we will all be able to live in perfect Peace and Harmony.

No Politics No Religion

Please do not allow politics, religion and or any other human activity or perceived human differences to stop you from realizing that our present life in Earth is about discovering our True Spiritual Bliss.

God that does not recognize the differences we impose in our human religious rituals, as they all lead you to the same destination God's True Spiritual Bliss. You can swap and change and will not go back spiritually when you do change religions, in fact by exercising your right to seek about God, you speed up your learning by stopping any human brain washing by Mistaken Gurus or Religious Leadership that tell you they have the only right way to God.

Space Ship Earth

When we all decide to achieve True Spiritual Bliss our new awareness will allow us to experince a new energy vibration which will allow us, to recognize that our earth spaceship is, our God given Paradise! A Paradise to be enjoy and given freely without any barriers by our maker as a sign of true unconditional spirtiual love. The human condition of this gift is simple, we were given a pure planet with an incredible atmosphere, tuned up to traveling faster than we can ever imagine, with an inner production of food matter, animals and birds, oxygen and water enclosed into a self monitoring atmospheric and natural cycle for all of us to travel in comfort, fed in first class conditions and with an inexhaustible fueling system that will keep on allowing our planet to travel for eons until we realise we have never left God's energy. A perfect system that human manufacturer will never be able to reproduce. What we as a whole have been doing is slowly breaking it down!

So we must rethink and act to allow our planet to heal itself, just as when we are sick, doctors do not cure us, they just help our body's natural immune system to heals the body. So we must allow Earth's natural processes to return our planet to keep it well maintained, otherwise we will damage it forever. As our lives do not end when our human body dies we will forever loose our Human Freedom of choice and continue learning in our spiritual realms!

How do I know all this?

I know it as result of my drowning and many other spiritual experiences, their combination finally made me realize clearly that God is not a person, God does not judge us we do as we relive our experiences in matter of fractions of human seconds, God has no color, does not favor any religion, nationality, culture, politics, physical form or war side. God in my experience it is the most incredible unexplainable bright light, so incredible bright yet as you immerse into it it is so soothing, loving and encompassing that you just melt into it. yet we have all been given the opportunity of separating from God to realise a fraction of its creativity through our Freedom of Choice to create and recreate our lives to what we want it to be until we go back home to our eternal maker.

I feel blessed for having the realization of God's presence.

So I have no doubt that we will achieve humanhood, my terminology to express all we know to exists in our human life when we are in perfect balance acting as one with God's nature. Please remember to be a loving human to all things because everything is GOD, this awareness and your own religious faith and practice will lead you and all of us to be what we really are, humans learning to maintain balance as Incorporated Spirits!

Through our Divine Freedom of Choice it is up to each one of us to discovered God within!

Leaders do not blame they learn from others and their own mistakes. Richard's Waterways Clean Up... was a learning experience that allowed him to start his inner Spiritual Journey!


Melbourne Australia Birth of the First Waterways Clean Up.

In 1987, The State Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Vic.) Established..."Year of the River 1988 Committee"in order to find ways to attract Melbourne's people and Business Community's investments to a dying South Bank of the Yarra.

Richard A. Fletcher, at that time was Managing Director of a small business trading as Fletcher Public Relations P|L. He was also an Executive Member of State Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Victoria supporting committees; Action in Melbourne, Light up Melbourne and Small Business Association of Victoria.

In March 1988 Mr. David Jones, CEO of The State Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VIC) as Chairman of Year of The River 1988 Committee approached Action In Melbourne Committee and requested for nominations to replace him. Unanimously Richard was selected by Action in Melbourne Committee to replaced Mr. Jones as Chairman "Year of The River 1988 Committee."

Year of The River 1988 Committee, originally formed in 1987 by three advisory members who were investigating Stephen Porter's Tourism Development ideas involving the Yarra River. Correspondence had been exchanged with a number of waterways stake holders including The Honorable MP John Cain, Victorian State Premier, yet nothing had been achieved about resolving any of the issues raised about business on the River's South Bank problems.

Beginning his appointment Mr. Fletcher's research found major obstacles for his new Chairmanship to work:

Without any immediate possibility of receiving funding, he had to rely on his own Public Relations business and his publicity skills!

Richard changed, Year of the River 1988 Committee's name to Yarra Yarra Committee (YYC) in honor of the Australian Aboriginal Yarra Yarra People since the initial name limited the committee only till the end of 1988, a few months away.

Fletcher Public Relations P\L staff were appointed and fully paid by Richard to work full time in order to spark interest to attract wider representation for an open committee with overall and official representation from all the organisations associated with the waterways.

All staff salaries and Yarra Yarra Committee expenses incurred by Fletcher Public Relations P\L whilst promoting the YYC business were loaned by Richard to the YYC and were to be recuperarated from future Yarra Yarra Committee sponsorships. This never happened!

The YYC invited businesses, local councils, state government departments, schools, tourism industry, clubs etc. Richard's strategy was simple, over a period of time and a couple of Waterways Clean Ups he would be able to attract necessary funding through 'Sponsorships - Tourism Promotions and other associated business' more than compensating Richard's initial financial and time investment!

The YYC work started promoting support for the Melbourne Olympiad's Bid as well as YYC benefits for Australian and world environment! Thus making a fantastic, long term tourism business enterprise. Richard's clear goals kept him and his staff motivated, planning and working towards improving Victorian waterways. Richard's final goal was to create a Single Waterways Authority for Victoria with wide influence on future and management of all waterways and their shores, allowing the YYC to apply the same principles around the whole of Australia!

Richard achieved Local and State Government, Opposition Political parties and business representation. The YYC Membership gaining wide public relations influence, yet none of the members were willing to assist with any financial sponsorship.

Australian media started supporting Richard's Waterways Clean up idea and his Yarra Yarra Committee Leadership!

However unable to raise sponsorship interests he worked for over a year, only supported by his business staff who decided to work for less money when Fletcher Public Relations P/L and Richard were no longer able to finance the YYC expenses and Richard to complete the Waterways Clean up goals he had promoted via the media was forced to obtain Personal loans and bank overdraft funds to complete.

Something never achieved before!

Following Richard's News Media promotions a number of Victorian State Departments and local Councils joined the Yarra Yarra Comittee initial organisations including:

Action In Melbourne Committee, Small Business Association of Victoria, Melbourne Lighting Committee, Lighters on The Yarra Restaurant, Committee for Melbourne, Victorian Tourism Authority, Ministry For Planning and Environment, Minister For Tourism Advisor.

After fifteen months of negotiations, Richard also obtained authority from Melbourne City Council, Victorian Government Departments and Committee for Melbourne to include their names on the Yarra Yarra Committee's letterhead.

Richard's Waterways Clean Up goals for the YYC started becoming a reality. All political sides, business enterprise and community organisations finally were now represented in The YYC. Driving it to serve the interests of the whole of the people as an umbrella organisation and to make an environmental impact and Tourism / Business difference around Australia.

Richard's YYC was creating a new Environmental Tourism Model for Australia which promoted the following real benefits:

YYC Membership grew to finally include:

The State Chamber of Commerce & Industry of (VIC), Committee for Melbourne, Action In Melbourne Committee, Small Business Association of Victoria, Melbourne Lighting Committee, Melbourne City Council, Coal Corporation of Victoria, Minister for Tourism, Cruising Boat Owners Association, Victorian Tourism Authority, Symposion P\L., Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works, Costain Australia, Melbourne Olympic Committee, Fletcher Public Relations P\L., Docklands Project, World Congress Centre, Port of Melbourne Authority, Australian Rowing Council, Western Region Commission, Eden on The Yarra Hotel, Ministry for Planning & Environment, Singapore Bank, City of Prahran, Victorian Rowing Association, Melbourne Tourism Authority, Lighters on The Yarra Restaurant, Jennings Industries Ltd and Fletcher Public Relations P\L.

"Yarra Yarra Committee" now included all facets associated with; Government, Tourism, Real State, Business Trade, Major Works, Business Future City Development, The Melbourne Olympics and the Waterways environment.

First Waterways Clean Up Launch!

21 September 89, Richard invited Melbourne Media to The State Chamber of Commerce & Industry offices.

Officially introduced YYC Members launching The First Waterways Clean up of Victoria and Australia, Sunday 15 October 1989.

Former Lord Mayor Ms. Winsome McCaughey in introducing Richard, recognized Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works and YYC members for their contribution support towards Richard's Clean Up initiative.

Ms McCaughey called for general public and further Media support towards the first Waterways clean up of this kind in Australia.

Sunday 15 October 1989

25,000 People - Volunteered becoming part of Melbourne's First Yarra River Clean Up.

News media reported in excess of 25,000 people joined Melbourne's First Clean Up of the Yarra River and an addtional 100 thousands people cleaned up the Maribyrnong River, Merry Creek, St. Kilda Beach, Elwood and Port Philip Bay.

YYC guidelines and approach, created a unique combination for Australia to develop waterways clean up strategies.


Southbank, today is thriving as an Arts Prescint, with Crown Casino, Melbourne Exhibition Centre and a Myriad of other businesses bringing millions of dollars in income to Victoria.

Richard forever changed Australian people's mind... they no longer say...

"There is no fish... the Yarra is so polluted we can walk on it!"

First Waterways Conference in Australia

Richard's planed to follow up his first Yarra River Clean Up with the First Waterways Conference in Australia at the World Congress Centre.

Since starting his Chairmanship Richard kept in touch with Sir Ninian Stephen's private assistant negotiating for him to Chair the Waterways Conference. Richard also invited The Honorable MP, Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia to officially open the conference and The Prime Minister declined the invitation and Richard could not understand why?

In October 1989, everything became clear (just a week prior to Richard's clean up event) on a visit from Ian Kiernan's staff.

Ian Kiernan's Take Over!

At this meeting Richard and his staff were told the Victorian State Government had given Ian Kiernan full support to take over Richard's future planned Water Clean Ups and that he was no longer needed.

The State and Federal Government's exclusively supported Sydney Yachtsman in expanding Richard's work to create Clean Up Australia Day around Australia and striking while Melbourne people were still motivated by Richard's initial work they announced Melbourne's Second Waterways Clean up to take place on Sunday 21 January 1990 under the new name Clean Up Australia Day.

Richard and his small Public Relations business were left completely out of the picture out of the work Richard and his staff had started.

Richard never received financial compensation for the capital he and his business invested.

Starting the First Waterways Clean Up left him in debt by thousands of dollars money which was exclusively used to cover YYC expenses on creating the first Waterways Clean Up.

Unable to obtain future sponsorships from future Clean Up activities, Richard was unable to recover; staff wages, office rental expenses, personal loss of income, loss of time from working on paying clients, loss of financial investment in exceess of $ 35,000 (in todays money about 150,000 dollars), that payed for all YYC expenses, resulting into Richard inability to financially recover and the closure of his Public Relations business.

Richard's community achievement was recognised by the following letter...

However Richard never has received compensation from Ian Kiernan, Clean Up Australia or the Government for taking over Richard's business, his personal fifteen month of work, the Yarra Yarra Comittee and or the capital investment it took to developed Melbourne's First Waterways Clean up!

Why the Government and Ian Kiernan abuse and discrimination?

"Richard in his official YYC Chairman capacity and as Founder of Melbourne's First Waterways Clean up complained to the State Government for allowing the new initiative Clean up Australia Day to steal his original ideas and work. Instead of an answer he received the above State Premiers letter thanking him for his Clean Up Publicity contribution.

There are many questions that haunted Richard since...

Of course these questions can only be answered by John Cain Former State Premier, Bob Hawk former Prime Minister or Ian Kiernan.

Maybe this could give clues!

After the Melbourne Clean Up Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced the Australian Federal Election. Clean Up Australia Day representing Australia was taken to The Rio Summit as a Federal Government and Ian Kiernan's initiative!

Successful people recognized people's feelings. When we are not aware what pain is... how can we recognize when we create pain. Richard A. Fletcher

Leaders do not blame they learn from others and their own mistakes. Richard's learning experience allowed him to start his inner Spiritual Journey!

Most people dream of a world living comfortably and in peace, yet in our wonderful planet local wars that someone started hundreds of years ago affect the lives of people all around the world. Many do not understand why these people still fight, why they do not just stop? Not stopping forces their new generations to also experience human tragedies that make them feel unsafe. Forcing them to fight because their inner fear and outer pain triggers them to fight!

When we realize we have inner pain we may turn it into further anger and or into contributing towards others, in my case as I started letting go of my pain and started my World in Peace 2000 project aiming for a life in harmony with nature!

Working towards a world in peace, an ideal life, where all of us, can live and let live without any form of discrimination as I did suffer! Yet sometimes, individuals like me are the ones who have paid a high price to achieve this wonderful inner peace!

In some cases our life's style has completely changed resulting from the selfish interests of others and some time these unique individuals have been jailed and or their lives have been taken as they defend the rights of all humans to be FREE of political, economical and war abuse!

These World Peace individuals will do all possible to avoid human politics yet they may fall in the ranks of others discrimination. Sometimes left betrayed and abandoned by the same people these individuals attempted to synergise into a better way of life.

When these unique persons are driven from the heart they will eventually raise again just as the phoenix raises from the ashes and their individual motives will eventually come to be known because... World Peace Prevails!

In this true documented story (photos and letters below) you will find details about such an individual who's idea and fifteen months of unpaid work created the most influential apolitical environmental committee in Australia.

It is stupid and insulting for Ian Kiernan's staff writing to Richard Flethcer "The actual Founder" of the Melbourne's Waterways Clean Up ... regarding him applying to the State Premier to obtain a position in the Melbourne Committee he personally created.

As founder of the event he had already been working 15 months and paying for all the expenses out of his own pocket!

The Government not allowing Richard a chance to continue with his next clean up and waterways conference automatically canceled all future sponsorships!

The Government and Ian Kiernan's Clean Up Australia betrayal compounded Richard's financial difficulties and personal ongoing problems:

All resulting from the over financial stretch to create the first Melbourne waterways clean up.

All these difficulties pushing Richard and his business into a dead corner that ended his post marital relationship! Richard contemplating suicide to end his overwhelming drama! Instead went into a total denial of his feelings and burying all the pain created by his divorce, inability to see his son, business closure, deep loneliness, lack of trust and lack of paid work!

He now realizes that through this pain that affected the whole of life he in term started blaming and affecting the life of other people!

Why was all this pain lesson created?

Why did The State and Federal Governments and Clean up Australia Day completely disregarded Richard's personal efforts and business investment sacrifices. Why did they move to support Ian Kiernan's new Clean up Australia Day ... only they can answer that!

Richard's lack of Government support forced him to also cancel the "Waterway Environmental Exhibition - Conference" at the World Congress Centre.

This event had been planned by Richard in association with The World Congress Centre their sponsorship of his next event was beneficial to them because it was their inaugural conference!

This event's sponsorships would have given Richard the first opportunity to recover some of his financial losses!

Yet it never took place! Why?

(Banksia News article advertising the conference) ...

Why the Government did not support Richard?

Because Richard's own FEARS created the grounds for his experience!

On 10 October! Just five days before Richard's 15th October 1989 clean up he was notified by Ian Kiernan's staff of their new clean up idea? and that Victorian State Government supported them to replace him with their new clean up on 21 January 1990.

Richard's experiences had nothing to do with them or anybody else he unconsciously decided to go into Fear of Loss consequently saw all of his ideas, 15 months of business efforts completely disregarded and replaced by the new "Clean up Australia Day" concept headed by Ian Kiernan!

By his own visualization Richard then thought maybe their comments were just a joke, besides he had never heard of them until they went to his office! When he received their letter and then the Premiers letter Richard realized he had been set up, became extremely angry and again entered into Further Fear of Loss and attachment!

Richard had not realized he had Fear of Success and Fear of Failure since he was a child! So instead of moving forward and asking for his business supporters State Chamber of Commerce and all the associated organisations that gave him the original business platform to create his Environment Clean up successes. He became involved in his ego's inner pity, blaming everyone for his old FEARS!

Not wanting to recognize his own vulnerability Richard created and manifested mayor inner pain that he carried until March 2002 when he saw Ian Kiernan's interview in Bert Newton's show. Hearing Mr. Ian Kiernan claiming he had started the Victorian clean up 13 years ago, triggered Richard's Pain and anger he had buried deep inside, affecting him and the lives of others over the last 13 years!

"In realizing the reasons of my pain I wish and hope that others will forgive me, for my attitudes and the pain I assisted to create in their own lives!

As Richard's comments started...

"We have all suffered! And when we stand for the truth without blaming others... we learn from our experiences and let go of our inner pains!"

Richard adds..."I now I am not responsible for what Ian Kiernan or the Victorian and Federal Government did however I am now grateful to Ian Kiernan because his TV interview assisted me to feel my pain and release it ... My Pain is my responsibility since I created it and maintained alive in my life because I needed to learn the lesson that I am not responsible for others actions, I am only responsible for how I see them and what I do with my feelings and as I react when I feel attacked!"

So I choose to let go of my pain and ask everyone to support my new community work!

World Peace 2000 Australia with your support will stage the opening event "Gathering of All Nations" a Peace event with 100,000 people launching a series of National and International Peace conferences starting in Melbourne Australia in December 2002!

I feel free of an enormous load and once again I feel deserving and ask for your support and overdue financial government assistance for my next Major event... World Peace because I am now ready to work for humanity once more as I have regained my inner peace.

God Bless!

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