World Peace 2000
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World Peace 2000 International - Advisory Board

There are amazing people around the world working in many ways to contribute towards Global Peace and Harmony in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Principles and our Global Family needs in time of disasters.

World Peace 2000 International, in selecting people to serve in our International Advisory Board, aims to receive advice, knowledge and wisdom from people not accustomed to the normal conventional ways as most organisations would normally follow around the world. Conventional ways for us represent doing the same as we (humanity) have always done and we do not agree with these old ways and format since we need major changes in the world in order not to follow the misguided path humanity has gone through for the last years of recorded history, slavery, rich gets richer and the poor poorer and the never ending aggression of war.

World Peace 2000 International, believes we have entered into a new spiritual and human cycle so we must be courageous, love and respect all humans and nature as a whole in order to convert our little Planet Earth, into the; Promised Land, Paradise or Nirvana, we have all been wishing to have for so long. Therefore we must take responsibility for our creation and it is up to all of us to act with loving heart passion to achieve peace, as well as create a strong leadership for others to follow.

For all these reasons we select people to join our annual Advisory Board in accordance to our ever improving principles:

Many may say why is spiritual last? Simple because most humans learn and realize its importance last and in times of real human crisis or when human life's priorities have allowed them the time to think why we are here, and then we are not the body!

So I thank all the following, wonderful individuals, who in meeting our spiritual and other criteria, have accepted to help us and guide us as members of our Annual International Advisory Board.

The Annual International Advisory Board guide us in many ways, as well as how we can put into practice Grass Roots Peace Solutions that our World Peace 2000 Angels have found by personal experience and or by their worldwide research. Thus our Grass Roots Peace Solutions will help those who through lack of awareness may be following the same path that other people have previously followed to create pain in their lives and or their general community, why to go go through pain when you can avoid it.

Members of our Advisory Board are individuals who continuously support us with their; loyalty, financial support, materials, messages for us to stay aware in what is needed or wanted around the world. They encourage us or tell us what is needed to be corrected by our own organisation (as we will always be in the process of learning). People joining our Advisory Board guide us how we can become more efficient.

Then there are those individuals and organisations with an outstanding service to humanity who have not received the deserved recognition or support yet their wisdom makes them prominent for us to receive their guidance.

As we are an Umbrella Spiritual Organisation in service to humanity we encourage organisations and individuals to work with us, to join with us in areas of common interest, we are proud to welcome integrity and recognize people's integrity, yet we do not judge anyone as all human individual mistakes can be overcome by the golden rule "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you." We honor individuals, unselfish cooperation towards our planet and our people, with a honorary position in our Advisory Board.

World Peace 2000 International - International Advisory Board 2003!

Members by Countries or Regions:


Louise Sperl, MPT Programme Coordinator, European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU) MPT is a practical oriented Training as Preparation for Specific Field Operations within the OSCE The Mission Preparation Training Programme for the OSCE (MPT) is under the patronage of the OSCE and has been developed with the support of the Austrian Government. The Programme corresponds to the increasing need for qualified civilian personnel to be sent on international missions with the OSCE.


Elder Kevin Coombs, Aboriginal Elder and SOCOG representative

Elder Joy Murphy, Wurundjeri People Elder.

Jim Wandin, Wurundjeri People Elder.

H.E. Prince Ratu Pandji Pandita, Vajrayana Buddhist Balinese Lama, Spiritual Advisor.

H.R.H. Princess Marianne Vairocani Devi of Buleleng, Chairperson Women's Affairs.

King Pandji Sakti
Vajrayana Buddhist Healing Centres are located in Melbourne Australia, Ireland, UK and USA.

Charles Hogg
, Director, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres Inc.

Jenny Funston, Byakko Shinko Kai, Japan, Australian Representative.

Sheikh Fehmi Naji El - Imam
, Islamic Centre of Victoria.

Holly Thurman
, Fundraising and Business Development.

Yasmaheen Madison-Christie
, Classical Dance & Performing Arts (photographed at The World Peace 2000 International Monument - Prahran, Melbourne, Australia).

Nerida James
, Get off Drugs Naturally. Based on the principles of Mr. L Ron Hubbard.


Liselotte Andersen & Virginie Rozée
, UNESCO Culture of Peace Coordination of UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000,
until 2010

Daniel Durand, Vice President. World Peace Council


H.E. Prince I Gusti Made Hiswara of Lombok, representing Royal Balinese Families as Chairman of the Advisory Board of World Peace 2000 (Indonesia) highlights the importance of strengthening links of Peace in the Pacific Region and recreate links to Africa, Europe, USA and Asian countries.

Ms Hagit Ra'anan
. Hope Flower School. Educational philosophy dedicated to education to Democracy Peace Education & Unity for Jewish and Palestinian Children in Israel / Palestine / Bethlehem - West Bank since 1984.

"Dearest Richard and most sacred World Peace 200 International Family,

I deeply thank you Richard for sharing my message with your friends and also for inviting me to become your organization ‘angelic’ representative to the Middle East – I’m honored to accept this kind offer.

I also thank you for your love wisdom words; "World Peace... when I don't do it who will?" I couldn't say it any better – yes! Peace is too important to leave it to somebody else to deal with; it is for each and any of us!

Only ordinary people are motivated by the inner peace that dwells in each and any of ours hearts can do it. Actually, peace dwells in all hearts, so all that left for us – those are already aware of this elementary fact – is to find ways to awake the others are not yet awaken.

We should stay focus at all times on this sacred mission we choose / chosen to fulfill. Sometimes I wonder why it is so easy for people to believe what they see on this electronic box called TV, after all it is a picture appearing on a glass … why is it easier to believe this printed characters on glass rather than to believe to what is deeply implanted in our beingness.

It seems for some reasons humanity still need to hold on to its illusion aspects (also part of the Divine Plan), rather than to simply hold to the one truth – the one that is within.

You said that sometimes people feel like God abandoned us. Only those are easily forgetting that we are the One as ONE could think so. That is exactly the meaning of inward peace, when we forget our natural – we disconnect ourselves from ourselves by ourselves.

Thank you dear brother of the One Light for all that you do and all that you are. In Oneness and Infinite Love - Hagit

Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is Hatred, let me bring Love. Where there is Injury - Pardon; Where there is Doubt - Faith. Where there is Despair - Hope; Where there is Darkness - Light; and where there is Sadness - Joy.

Past is History - Future is Mystery - This Minute is a Gift, That is why it's Called - "PRESENT"

Be blessed with Peace - Shalom - Salam - Paz. Love - Ahava - Hube, Amor & Light - Or - Nur, Luz. May Peace Prevail on Earth - Yishre Shalom Al Ha'adama - Al Salam Lil'Alam Ajma - Sekai Jinruiga Heiwade Arimasuyouni - Que La Paz Prevalezca.

Ms. Hagit Ra’anan
Kiryat Ono, Israel
Sat, 04 May 2002"


Ricardo Ocampo, Producer and organizer. The Anahuak Radiant Center, a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nondenominational, independent, bilingual multimedia information center based in Mexico City, devoted to aid in awakening, co-creating ascension and empowering and uniting people.

Madan Paudel, National President. Human Rights Educ. Radio Listener Clubs Nat Com.

New Zealand

Laurie Ross, Dancer - Ritual Artist - Speaker. Free Spirit Productions.


Reverend Musa Abdullahi, Human Aid Org. Of Nigeria.


Lama, Phra Arry Sriburatham Akinjano, WorldPeace 999.
Organisation initiated to promote Peace, Harmony and Compassion. Encouraging nonviolent, and non-confrontation. Operating Daily Inspiration, World Peace through Meditation. We create peace solution to Inmate, Substance Abuse, Poverty, Homeless, Education & Environment.

Also operating a counseling clinic for family, individuals and Children. Member of the Interfaith groups and Buddhist monks world wide.

Delegate at the UN Peace Summit Meeting 28 -31 August 2000. Parliament of World Religions Conference 1999, Cape Town, Southern Africa, December 1 August 1999, as a presenter of the ideas and collaborating among members after the conference.


Brahma Das, Founder and Director, Interfaith Call for Universal Religious Freedom And Freedom of Worship in Tibet.

United Kingdom

John Bunzl, Director. International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
Mike & Jan Pendragon One Vision Centre
Leigh Tremaine, World Healing Day


On behalf of World Peace 2000 International and our International Advisory Board.

I wish to especially welcome and highlight the following individuals:

Mr. Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary United Nations, Robert Alan Silverstein, Steve Diamond and Linda Grover who formed the peace project, One Day Foundation & Pathways To Peace.

These amazing individuals laying everything on the line created the highly successful One Day in Peace 1 January 2000 event joining 140 countries and 50 National Governments, they all deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!

You are aware that on 11 September 1999, I was spiritually inspired and asked by God to start "World Peace 2000," so I had no idea of their existence or that on 11 October 1999 when Robert asked me to join forces with them, the 1 January 2000 - One Day In Peace project, they had already worked for three and a half years to achieve their dream.

Robert somehow discovered my World Peace 2000 spiritual initiative and my work, and on 11 October 1999, invited me to join my personal effort to their World Peace 2000 USA organisation. I was in shock for a few days that Australia was not represented in such an important event and that Robert confirmed my appointment to our Australian Prime Minister, The Hon. John Winston Howard MP.

I was overwhelmed by their remarkable work and stamina to pursue the enormous task of creating a global event and United Nations Resolution A/Res/54/29 adopted on 18 November 1999, that included the Operative Paragraph "Member States, Inter-Governmental Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and the Peoples of the world to celebrate One Day In Peace, January 2000" as the beginning of the International Year for the Culture of Peace.

Mr. Robert Alan Silverstein, Steve Diamond and Linda Grover and their global team created World Peace history and they must never be forgotten!

Robert Alan Silverstein further honoring my humble work handed over the original World Peace 2000 USA website address for our continuos use.

Mr. Robert Alan Silverstein, Steve Diamond and Linda Grover will always have a place in our International Advisory Board.

Robert Muller still giving Peace Lectures, Robert Alan Silverstein, works with - The Bridging Tree Organisation. Steve Diamond, still works with One Day In Peace Foundation and Linda Grover has retired.

These remarkable people and their work must never be forgotten, for these reasons I have included them in our International Advisory Board!

Deborah Moldow

The World Peace Prayer Society May Peace Prevail On Earth.
(Supporting Organisation.)

Dear Richard

You have certainly been a busy fellow - all in the name of peace!

It is rather amazing that your anniversary is on September 11th. That will certainly be an eventful day in my country, hopefully with many prayers for peace. I will send you an announcement for the Peace Pole next week, in case you would like to offer others the opportunity to send their prayers as well.

I must decline your kind invitation to serve on your advisory board, as I cannot take on another commitment. However, you are welcome to list The World Peace Prayer Society among the supporting organizations for World Peace 2000.

Also, please be in contact with any of our Peace Representatives in Australia who may be able to work with you. You may already know them. Here they are:

Mr. Henry Cawed (address kept) Mr. Pesi J. Mahuvawalla and Mrs. Kerry McCarthy.

Thank you, Richard, for your mission of peace. May you receive infinite blessings of joy and abundance!

May Peace Prevail in Australia. May Peace Prevail on Earth,


Alan Moore
, Founder Butterfly Gardeners Association. Founder and Director, Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace.

Carol Hansen Grey, Women and Vision and Action (WOVA).
Founder of the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment fully dedicated to helping achieve world peace. Working under the auspices of Women and Vision and Action (WOVA) and now World Peace 2000 International organization wishes to attract women leaders taking spirit - based action to create positive change in the world.

She is honored to serve as Executive Director of WOWA a non-profit, US-based which together WOVA with World Peace 2000 International are sponsoring a worldwide call to feminine action which started with 'Gather the Women' week of March 3 - 9, 2003.

Don Morris
A wonderful humanitarian individual who for no other reason other than doing what is right created a unique site to gather people's signatures in support of World Peace as shown in our site.

Michael Lightweaver, Network 2012.
Rita Nalu
, Pathways to Peace.

Richard Troxell
, House the Homeless / Universal Living Wage.

Richard A Fletcher
Founder, Chairman of The International Board & CEO World Peace 2000 International
UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace