The One Day Initiative for a New... annual Peace Holiday in the USA is now a Global Peace Success!

September 11, 1999

World Peace 2000 Angels in Australia started promoting the initiative and working for... 2000 Years of World Peace since 11 September 1999.

On December 15, 2000, the US Congress unanimously adopted the 'One Day in Peace' initiative. January 1st of every year is now a National Peace Holiday let us create the same around the world everyday.

President Bill Clinton met with USA leaders of the peace initiative, John Conyers Linda Grover and Greg Smith in the oval office to commend them for their efforts to reduce hunger and violence through the establishment of a new holiday and to celebrate US acceptance of the holiday.

The"ONE DAY" Peace initiative.

President Clinton with Linda Grover

On January 4th, 2000

President Clinton met with USA leaders of the One Day in Peace initiative, John Conyers Linda Grover and Greg Smith in the oval office to commend them for their efforts to reduce hunger and violence through the establishment of a new holiday. And to celebrate US acceptance of the holiday.


World Peace 2000 International, representing Australia's contribution to the Global Peace "One Day In Peace" event began the new Millennium 1 January 2000 celebrations in Melbourne. World Peace 2000 Angels are continuing their support for Global Peace!

World Peace 2000 (Australia) Volunteers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia in order to attract attention to the Global Peace Event; planted Poles for Peace, held a number of Multi Religious, Multi Cultural Prayer and Meditations, as well as Sacred Indigenous events!

In Melbourne the United Nations World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace celebrations joined the multi million dollar budget Melbourne City Council New Millennium's Celebrations which started with The World Peace Flame welcome, at 5:30 AM on the 1 January.

The celebrations were continued in the afternoon in the City of Stonnington with the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation followed by a Multi Cultural Middle Eastern show, the Chapel Street World Peace March which was lead by The Hon Victor Perton MP (representing Australia's Prime Minister, The Honorable John Howard MP) and Councillor Annette Stockman, Mayor for the City of Stonnington!

The World Peace March ended at Barry Street where Kate van der Voort and Richard Fletcher UN Regional Coordinator, World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace used the "World Peace Flame" to light the two torches of the "World Peace 2000 Monument" kindly donated to World Peace 2000 (Australia) by the City of Stonnington Council to mark the beginning of Peace in Australia!

"Symbol of Peace - carried by War Planes!"

Australian Aboriginal Elder Pearl Wymerra supporting World Peace sent their Sacred Flame in and Australian Air Force plane to the UK to be joined with the Sacred Flames of other Indigenous People & World Peace Leaders, such as Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama, to finally become the "World Peace Flame."

It is an ironic twist to carry the flames between UK and Australia in planes that are usually employed in actions of war that have united our beautiful symbol of our Australian Peace with the rest of the world, which returned to Australia as a symbol of the world's desire to join with us in our unique World Peace Model!

Lighting the World Peace 2000 (Australia) Monument with the World Peace Flame has now symbolically joined the City of Stonnington and Australia in Peace with all continents of the world!

1 January 2001 was the first time USA citizens celebrated their new National Holiday. World Peace 2000 International plans to start an annual Gathering of All Nations in December 2003.

Gathering of All Nations 2003 is estimated to attract 100,000 people from all nationalities and countries of the world to Melbourne who will also have the opportunity to enjoy a visit to Stonnington City Council newest tourist destination... our "World Peace 2000 (Australia) Monument!

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