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World Peace 2000 (Australia)
World Peace 2000 Angels

As part of our Australian...

"Gathering of All Nations 2002" and World Peace Conferences

We feel honored to welcome...

The Whirling Rainbow Center

GrandMother Drum's
"Ring of Fire" Australian Tour!

March 15 - May 5, 2002

Times and Places for ceremonies are Subject to constant change!
See tour details below and s
tay informed, v
ia your local contacts!

Letter to Australia from Suraj Holzwarth...

Beloved Friends...

GrandMother Drum is on her way to Australia!

It has been the most amazing week, watching a dream come alive before our very eyes. Life is certainly magic when we listen and act from the heart, following the guidance we receive. We are blessed that the GrandMothers are touching the hearts of so many people around the world. I thank you for your letters, your donations and sharing your personal healing stories.

Thanks to all the help this week, (check out this list below because it's awesome) the GrandMother Drum is now safely on her way to Australia!

Emery Worldwide Cargo- has offered their assistance with the air freight of the GrandMother Drum by giving the freight to us at cost. This cuts our costs in half.
Cook Inlet Regional Corporation- financial donation towards air freight
Eklutna Traditional Council, Kenaitze Tribe, Nondalton Tribal Council- financial support, letters of support, gifts to bring to Elders.
Ulrick Vedel- for the building of GrandMother's Drum's traveling crate.
Joyce Laine, Dee Pieplow, Nancy Lee Evans, Kathy Farley and Jennifer Staley- painting our eight-foot tour banner.
Alaska Serigraphics- discounted price on our new "Ring of Fire" Tour t-shirts!
Kathy Farley- assembling the photo journal of the GrandMother Drum Building.
February Full Moon "Ring of Fire" Drum Ceremony Participants- donated over $400 that evening to the "Ring of Fire" Tour.
Nova Travel and Angie Skinner-discounted airfare.
US Customs, Australian Customs and Australian Quarantine Service- for making the way smooth for the GrandMothers!
Randy Lucas, Eleanor Wilde, Alutiq Creations, Anna Sansom, Stephanie and Sharon Curbow, Nancy Lee Evans, Eileen Shute, Native Village of Eklutna, Native Village of Nondalton- gifts for the Elders.
Baby Drum Makers- thanks to you we have sold nearly 200 Baby Drums this year.
Alaskan Hearts Ignite the Sacred Flame

On February 27, 2002 the Full Moon "Ring of Fire" Ceremony ignited the Australian Tour.
Thanks to all that joined in person and in prayer and gave us their support. It was a very powerful evening.

GrandMother Drum is on the Air!

On Monday, March 4, 2002 Ulrick Vedel (GrandMother's Crate Mastercraftsman), Mark Schoenard (GrandMother Drum's Master DrumMaker) and I gathered at the Whirling Rainbow Center to do a test run of fitting GrandMother into her 85"x 85"x45" shipping crate. She fits perfect! On Tuesday and Wednesday we had several volunteers assist us in the painting of GrandMother Drum's eight-foot touring banner. Thanks to all the artists, it looks gorgeous!

On Friday March 8, 2002, the GrandMother Drum was loaded in her crate with over 500 lbs. of percussion instruments, Baby Drums, GrandMother Staffs, a huge 8ft banner and three huge duffles of gifts for Elders. Thanks to Emery Worldwide and World Cargo International, the GrandMother Drum is now safely in route to the land of the dreamtime of the Ancient Ones.

As visions and dreams have guided us and many hands are manifesting, our first international tour with the GrandMother Drum will take place in Australia March through May 2002.

The "Ring of Fire" Tour was launched in Alaska at a four day, round-the -clock drumming vigil in June 2001, the weekend the GrandMother Drum was born. Now, six months later, the worldwide request for her community healing work has literally spread like a wildfire of love! Bless all of your hearts.

The tour involves a series of personal and community healing ceremonies and workshops, interactive performance concerts, and drum making workshops that will focus on the activation of what the GrandMothers refer to as the "Ring of Fire." This ring is a key site in the opening of Mother Earth's womb and the tremendous healing about to take place for Earth peoples in the next ten years. We have been given guidance from the GrandMothers that we will be doing several activation's in sacred sound chambers (caves)and volcanic areas throughout Mother Earth's Ring of Fire.

To our Australia Family:
Thank you for the beautiful letters and the passion in hosting the GrandMother Drum Project. Our Australia organizer, Deb Nanschild is doing a simply astounding job at coordinating such a tour. Peter Raffety, who heard about the project recently, has volunteered to transport the GrandMother Drum for the entire tour with his own truck!

To bring a sacred drum of this nature and this size to any community will take passion and commitment from the whole community to come together in many ways. The local indigenous tribes have been contacted and have blessed all ceremonies where the project will be hosted. Please contact Deb Nanschild or others in your area that have volunteered to help organize and sponsor the GrandMother Drum Project. They cannot do it alone and need your help. This is a community project whose mission is healing and unity!

The GrandMother Drum Project has been funded solely on love from the world community. This feels right for a world drum whose vision is to heal separation, bringing people together around one heartbeat, one family, and one earth. It takes many people working together to transport a sacred drum of this unique size to any location! We know that the wisdom of the GrandMothers was behind this design. The "Ring of Fire" Tour is estimated to cost over $20,000. We have another $6,000 to raise in the final weeks.

Donations for traveling expenses
Donations toward Airfreight for the GrandMother Drum
Participation in our local Drumming Circles and Drum Making Ceremonies ( see below)
Purchasing a Baby Drum- see below
Your love and prayer!

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to our non-profit foundation:
The Alaska Women of the Wilderness Foundation and mail to: The Whirling Rainbow Center 1620 Shore Dr. Anchorage, Alaska USA 99515. And yes, we do take credit cards!

"Ring of Fire" Tour HEATING UP Around the World!
We have received numerous requests from areas within the "Ring of Fire" to host the Tour. We are listing these areas as "Heating Up!". Our fall tour will begin in September 2002. These contacts will need additional assistance from you to host the tour. Please contact them if you are interested in helping. If you are interested in hosting the GrandMother Drum in your community, please contact us for a press packet.

Alaska - Confirmed - Eklutna Wellness Gathering and Pow Wow - May 17 -18th, 2002. Contact Eklutna Traditional Council at or 907- 688 - 6020.
Massachusetts- Tentative- Drums Around the World -August 25-26 2002 in Amherst, Massachusetts.(9th annual worldwide drum day for unity & white buffalo) Sponsored by G.A.I.A - contact director, Michael DiMartino at

New York -Tentative-One Pulse-New York City, September 3, 2002. These events are spiritually based and focus on world unity and peace through drumming. Sponsored by G.A.I.A Contact director, Michael DiMartino at or visit their website at
Seattle-Contact Anahata Pomeroy
Portland- Contact Patrick Pinson Cedar Mountain Drums at
Eugene- Contact Sharon Reiss at
San Francisco- Contact Alan Moore at or Jessica Barrilleaux at

Hawaii- Contact Tiger Paws at

Baby Drums

Baby Drums are small replicas of the GrandMother Drum and are made from beautiful Alaska birch bowls donated by the Great Alaska Bowl Company. The bowls are covered with animal hide and filled with crystals, sacred herbs, seeds and feathers. Baby

Drum making ceremonies can be arranged for any group.
You can also purchase a BABY DRUM at the following Anchorage locations:

The Whirling Rainbow Center
Aurora Fine Arts ( 5th Ave)
Zoez Gallery ( 5th Ave)
One People ( D St.)
The Great Alaska Bowl Co. ( 5th Ave. mall)
Ulimaaq ( 6th Ave and also on Base)

For all our out-of-state friends you can order one! See the website page for sizes and prices.

The Vision of the GrandMother Drum Project

The GrandMother Drum, a seven foot diameter, kettle shaped drum was born at 4:00 am on June 5, 2001, after 13 years of prayer, ceremony and physical labor by the Alaskan community. The Whirling Rainbow Center received the vision of the GrandMother Drum from indigenous GrandMothers as the first international, multicultural, interactive "world drum" dedicated to promoting Unity, Peace and Life, healing the separation between all Earth's children. According to the GrandMothers, we are in conflict outside because we are in conflict inside. Healing, they say, must happen within ourselves first. World peace can happen only through inner peace, becoming that which we are seeking outside ourselves.

The GrandMother Drum is the first interactive world "talking" drum
and is the centerpiece, the heartbeat of creating multicultural, multimedia performances, workshops, ceremonies and celebrations that honor the unique gifts and spiritual traditions of the diverse cultures of the human family with the theme: The Heartbeat of One Family, One Earth. The drum is a living, beating symbol from the hearts of Alaskans that we are all one people, that Mother Earth is our one country, that love is stronger than fear and that peace and freedom are the birthrights of all humanity.

How the GrandMother Drum was Made

The GrandMother was born at 4:00 am on June 5, 2001, in a tipi in Chickaloon, Alaska after thirteen months of prayer, ceremony and physical labor. Ritual artist, healer and visionary, Suraj Holzwarth guided the drum making ceremony along with her assistance and master craftsman, Mark Schoenhard ( and countless hands of the Alaskan community. See our building photojournal at

We honor the Athabascan tribes of Chickaloon, Eklutna, Tyonek, Kenaitze, Nondalton and Qutekcak. For countless centuries their ancestors have held this land in sacred trust. We thank them for giving us their blessings to create the GrandMother Drum in a good way. In thanksgiving to the Tree people who have taken care of us for countless centuries we gave the Cedar and Birch a place of honor.

There are over 1300 strips of Alaska Yellow and Red Cedar and Alaska Birch in the kettle shaped base of the GrandMother drum representing the womb or sacred feminine (GrandMother ) principle. This womb is the sound chamber, holding and anchoring the heartbeat of the GrandMotherDrum. We honored the Four-Legged creatures that have also taken care of us for countless centuries by providing us food, clothing and shelter. A Bull hide is the throat of the GrandMother Drum, sounding and carrying her message to all of creation. The kind of animal skin used in making a sacred drum of this nature determines the kind of energy invoked.

The Bull energy or medicine is associated with fertility, the divine masculine (Grandfather ) principle. Many traditions associate the Bull with the Sun that fertilizes Mother Earth.

The GrandMother Drum represents the union of masculine and feminine principles of the Divine. In our traditional way we would say that the drum brings together the GrandMother and Grandfather teachings.

Imbedded in her kettle shaped base are over two hundred clear and rose quartz crystals.
Our Elders teach that the Rock People are the keepers of memory and assist in the healing and activation of body memory. The crystals were imbedded in a pattern known as the Sacred Triple Spiral. This pattern is actually a matrix of the first three chakras or energy centers of the human energy field. When activated through specific drumming techniques, the crystals in the GrandMother Drum transmit a high frequency healing tone, immersing the human body in a high crystalline environment, raising the potential for a deep healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Dancing Awake the Rainbow Dream,
Suraj Holzwarth
Director, International Spiritual Healer, Ritual Artist and Drum Keeper
1620 Shore Dr.
Anchorage, Alaska USA 99515
907-336-7439 ph/fax

The GrandMother Drum's
"Ring of Fire" Australian Tour Schedule

Times, Ceremony Places, may change, please Stay informed, vi
a your local contact!

March 22-25, 2002- Opening Ceremonies as Follows

March 22

Opening Ceremony, Australia "Ring of Fire" Tour. Procession through Goulburn from the local Aboriginal Land Council office to Gaiaridge.
Welcome Ceremony to Aboriginal Land by the PEJAR Aboriginal Community of Wiradjuri Nation followed by the Opening Ceremony of the GrandMother Teachings-open to all.

March 23
GrandMothers of the New Millennium: Midwives at the Ring of Fire. GrandMother Teachings as they relate to women. Deb Nanschild

March 24
Wombeyan Caves Ceremony-Sound Chamber Healing Activation Ceremony. Open to all.

March 25
Baby Drum Making Workshop/ Ceremony
. Making baby replicas of the GrandMother Drum to drum with us throughout the tour and assist us in funding the GrandMothers Travels. All ceremonies held through "Gaiaridge" Towrang, NSW-Contact Deb Nanschild dnanschild@bigpond.

March 29 - April 1
6th Australian Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering,
near Swan Hill, NSW, Australia. Contact: Sue Ewart


April 6-8th
Tentative- Sydney, Gosford
Contact KySiSaRa of Coastal Circle Light Centre at or Kim Davis at

April 9-10
Wingham- Interactive Performance Concert and Healing Waters Ceremony
Contact Lindy Morris at

April 12-13
"Ring of Fire" Community Healing Ceremony -Hanging Rock Hall near Nimbin, NSW.
An Interactive Performance will follow. Individual and group and healings will also be available on the 12th. contact: Jeremy Pierce

April 14-17
Tentative - Bryon Bay,
contact Lokita Rigney and Sol at


April 14-17
Tentative- Brisbane
- Contact Emma Davey at

April 14-17th
Tentative- Burliegh Heads, Queensland
contact Ken Jacob at Tel: 61 7 5535 7898

April 26-28, 2002
Uluru- International Full Moon Wesak Festival.
April 26-28, 2002 at Uluru, (Ayers Rock) Northern Territories. Contact Marie Furness

May 3-5th
Adelaide. Contact Rob Young
at or Adrian at 61.8.85542063 or his mobile 0408 081478

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