Richard promises to do God's work.

In 1975 another profound spiritual, physical experience made him promise to do God's work and start sharing his experiences with people genuinely interested in spiritual phenomena.

In the early 80's he became aware of spiritual patterns, receiving constant spiritual messages, feeling guided to write about them and to compare his knowledge with sacred writings of spiritual people, making him understand spiritual life truths that replaced his beliefs about religious dogma.

Richard's International Achievements

Fighting against following the spiritual path, moved further into business creating National/International charities community events; Toyota Los Angeles Pre-Olympic Basketball Games. Mexican Government awarded him "The Plate of International Solidarity" for the Mexico City Disaster Appeal. 1988/9 Richard gave birth to the First Melbourne Waterways Clean up of The Yarra, Maribyrnong Rivers Merry Creek & Bay. His Clean-up success attracting 25,000 people, which Ian Kiernan used as the platform in 1990 to launch the first Clean up Australia Day.

Unable to recover from his personal and business investments required to create the Clean up his business and life deteriorated. Spiritual experiences finally guided Richard to heal himself via his MPE Inner Spirit - Life Coaching and how to get in touch with true spiritual life. Yet, felt unqualified to promote spiritual work! However, spirit repeatedly confirms the connection of our Mental, Physical, Emotional (MPE) and etheric bodies:

  • Motorbike Accident in 1990 resulted on him breaking his collarbone. Three Angels appeared, picked him up and took him and the bike to the nearest hospital.
  • In 2001 at a spiritual sweat lodge a 20-30 kg rock fell for about a meter right on top of his head as he laid on the ground, creating only a skin bleeding instead of killing him.

10 September 1999, Richard knew he had an important job to do in this life however felt uneasy, as something was about to happen unable to sleep properly for 4 weeks, prayed for God's guidance then remembered his 1975 offer to do God's work.

11 September 1999
woke up hearing a voice saying "World Peace 2000" without thought said, Thanks God!