Peace and Harmony

Around the world people wish to be happy and live in Peace and Harmony and have all the pleasures human life can provide yet many are not aware the only way to maintain this human desires in the long run is by aligning our human actions and thoughts to also create Peace and Harmony for others. Without this inner purpose our human pleasures soon terminate.

There is a saying that says... 'Is the cup half empty and or half full' yet this expression really misses a truth behind it, that is, it is not really that important which point of view you have about the physical content of the cup, since what is really important is what is going into it and the absence or what is out of it at the same time. This third element of the half empty half full expression refers to the real source of what manifests to have or not to have something in the cup.

We can express this source as many things; energy, liquid, empty space, love and many other expressions; however they all have a common connection, to me that source I call GOD since without God or what ever name you wish to express for the source of all things, nothing can exist and or there is nothing to come from and or to go to than... God!

Near Death Experiences

As I have personally experienced death through drowning and through a motorbike accident to me there is nothing more important than our inner living Spirit and our inner Spiritual awareness yet the individual awareness we gain through our human life is a very small portion of our total spiritual experience and most people due to their lack of true spiritual awareness, make our human life experience as the most important.

However even though human life is only a small part of our true spiritual experience it does create enormous consequences (karma) as result of the effects our lives cause to other humans who when not spiritually aware will also affect others as result of the pain we have created to their lives. As the combined energy forces created by our physical actions and thoughts do affect others in multidimensional ways I suggested that as matter of policy we clear as much as we are humanly able to do, to correct our mistakes and make sure we stop from hurting others. This does not mean rescuing others, and in fact I did attempt rescuing people for many years and it does not work, since we all have a divine given "Freedom of Choice!"

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Regards and God Bless!

Richard A Fletcher