Listing of events until December 2003.
Including Australian One Day In Peace UN celebrations 1 January 2000.

World Peace 2000
Messenger UNESCO Manifesto 2000

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Open Invitation!

Three unique events... April & May 2003.
Creating Grass Roots Solutions for World Peace!

(1) Satsang & World Peace 2000
How we can contribute to our inner peace and how we can create peace in our families and World Peace! Meditation and Healing! (Details below).
(2) Katoomba Blue Mountains Workshop
How to understand one's inner self and others.
How we can change from Fear to Joy and Happiness by changing our mind.

(3) Project 1453 Symposium
Saturday 31 May & Sunday 1 June 2003.
Australian Catholic University - Melbourne.
To encourage further mutual understanding between the Greek and Turkish communities in Melbourne and Regional Victoria and engender a spirit of goodwill, understanding and reconciliation.

(1) Satsang & World Peace 2000
Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th April.

Blue Angel Centre for Wellbeing
Level 1 Acland Court Shopping Centre, 158 Acland Street St. Kilda.

A master in humanity events … Spiritual Man & Spiritual Woman both advocates for World Peace!
Isira Sananda is a recognised Spiritual Master. Richard A. Fletcher is a recognised Spiritual - Inner Life Coach a World Peace Leader. Both started the spiritual path as young children. Learn from them how you can contribute to create…maintain, Inner Peace & World Peace.
Richard as United Nations Regional Coordinator, World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace and Messenger UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 positions has been gathering large numbers of Spiritual, World Peace and Indigenous Leaders throughout the world, to cooperate with his Non Political, Non Sectarian & Multi Cultural, World Peace 2000 International organisation, which he founded and leads since 11 September 1999.
His aim is simple… create groups of twenty-one - World Peace 2000 Angels members, in every suburb and in every city of the world in order to empower individuals and assist humanity to create and improve; Grass Roots Peace Solutions that produce Peace and Harmony in people’s life throughout the world.
The World Peace 2000 Angels, annual “Gathering of All Nations,” promote the unique… "Australian World Peace Model." World Peace 2000 International and its Angels network presently covers in excess of 28 countries, via UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000, signatories (ending in 2010) can presently reach some 79 million people.
Richard’s Personal Life Coaching Training enable others to understand their own individual role and personal abilities to bring Inner Peace to themselves and others - not by persuasion, nor coercion, by simply assisting them to realise and embrace their own innate qualities and passions.
Richard’s Spiritual Inner Healing and Humanitarian work is recognised Nationally and Internationally:
· United Nations - Brahma Kumaris, Certificate of Global Cooperation for a Better World, Award Recipient
·  Mexican, International Plate of Solidarity Award Recipient for his Australian national Appeal to support Earthquake victims.
·  UNESCO, Messenger of Manifesto 2000 (ending in 2002), Honorary Appointment.
·  His Australian efforts towards the establishment of 1 January 2000 - One Day in Peace in Australia culminating in the donation of the "Australian World Peace Monument" by the City of Stonnington in Melbourne, and his appointment as United Nations Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.
·  Founder of The Yarra Yarra Committee (1988) and Founder of the First Melbourne Waterways Clean up of the Yarra River, The Port Phillip Bay, Maribyrnong River, Merri Creek (1989) events that Mr. Ian Kiernan took over to launch his First Clean Up Australia Day in 1990.
Open Lotus Meditation and Satsang with Isira - Come home to your true essential being.
Lady Isira Sananda Is a unique Spiritual Master based in Sydney who has come to her Awakening having experienced life from pain and confusion to consciousness, peace and joy. She will share with you insights and activities to help bridge the gaps between your soul awakening and your life today.
Do not miss the opportunity to experience an intimate evening with Isira and Richard.

Monday 28th April Meditation & Talks from 5 pm to 9 pm

Level 1 Acland Court Shopping Centre, 158 Acland Street St. Kilda.

This is a unique opportunity for an intimate sharing of Isira’s life story that has lead her to Liberation and the presence of Unconditional Love and peace. She will share with us the events and practices that catalysed her Awakenings and how these factors are essentially the same for us all in our common journey as one human family.

Isira & Richard’s - private and group healing sessions.
Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th April - 10:30 am to 5 pm - prior bookings only!

Phone Bookings and Inquiries at Blue Angel (03) 9537 3588
Further information E-mail:
Mobile phone: 04 0916 0708 or

(2) Blue Mountains Workshop
Workshop dates:
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 May.

Healing Sessions:
Friday 23, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th May.

Avoid disappointment, please Book Now!
Limited appointments!

Katoomba Blue Mountain Bookings and Inquiries:
Ms. Robyn Simon at Katoomba (02) 4782 6274 E-mail

Katoomba - Blue Mountains.

"I know I don't Know, that I Know, that I don't Know, that I Know!"

Richard A. Fletcher is a recognised Spiritual - Inner Life Coach a World Peace Leader. He started his spiritual path as a young 7 year old searching for where God was. Due to his personal finding and spiritual experiences started helping all those around him with advice about all kind of issues. His natural spiritual awareness allowed him to observe and learn from the way adults behave.

Richard will share:

How we can understand one's inner self and others.
How we can change from Fear to Joy and Happiness just by changing our mind.
How to regain our power by removing blame to release the past.
How we can improve our relationships.
How to feel Happy, Joyful and Stress Free.

Book and Learn from him how you can contribute to create and maintain, your inner Peace.

He says World Peace starts in the heart! However you must not forget to have your feet in the ground and enjoy being human to enjoy our God given freedom of choice!

His remarkable recovery from Polio, Acute Nephritis and drowning were miracles that for a long time he did not understand and as he grew, his spiritual experiences became the norm, however he did not know why his life was spared so many times.

Today as Founder World Peace 2000 International leads people in 28 countries around the world and is able to reach some 79,000,000 people via UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 and via affiliations with over 40 international organisations that are promoting his World Peace 2000 International effort.

He says he is only doing what he was asked by God to do on 11 September 1999 (just two years before the NY terrorist attack)

As Richard is perfectly aware of God's given Freedom of Choice his Personal Life Coaching Training enable others to understand their own individual role and personal abilities to bring Inner Peace to themselves and others - not by persuasion, nor coercion, by simply assisting them to realise and embrace their own innate qualities and passions to extend and recreate a better connection to our spiritual source.

Lady Isira Sananda is an Ambassador for World Peace 2000 International and a recognised Spiritual Master she will conduct meditations to embrace Peace adding to Richard's Blue Mountain teachings.

Further information:
Mobile phone: 04 0916 0708

(3) Project 1453 Symposium
Saturday 31 May & Sunday 1 June 2003.
Australian Catholic University - Melbourne.

A symposium commemorating the 550th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople / Conquest of Istanbul. A communal educative project bringing Australians together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

On the 29 May 1453 the Fall of Constantinople / Conquest of Istanbul brought to a close the 1,000 year history of the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire.

At the same time it provided a new capital for the emerging Ottoman Empire which survived for nearly another 500 years This date and event has enormous historical, emotional, spiritual and cultural significance for Greek and Turkish people. It was a turning point in world history.

Project 1453 brings together a series of lectures, displays and innovative performances exploring the rich cultural , political religious, artistic, military and social legacies of these two extraordinary empires.

The keynote lecture will provide an historical account of what took place on the 29th May 1453, giving the Byzantine and Ottoman perspectives.

The Objectives:

To mark this important historical event, involving the people on whom it had the most impact, bringing interested parties together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and common interest in history.

To explore the historical events, outcomes and implications of the East Roman / Byzantine and the Ottoman periods to the peoples of that specific and broader regions.

To promote and popularize the study of history and expose audiences to a variety of informed opinions and academic views. To further mutual understanding between the Greek and Turkish communities in Melbourne and Regional Victoria and engender a spirit of goodwill, understanding and reconciliation.

Further information E-mail:

Support 1453.

Dear World Peace 2000 International Friends,

Australia and its people are well known around the world for the rich mixture of Cultures, Nationalities, Ideologies, our Free Easy Going Spirit, our Arts, our people's commitment to Nature, our Mateship and our many inventions that are contiguously making changes around the world. All these combinations in my layman opinion forms the perfect example for the world to take notice of our World Peace Model!

We as Australians represent the most diverse ideologies and the feelings of millions of migrants who like myself have for ever enriched our Australian society, therefore as Founder of World Peace 2000 International and as Messenger UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 I am proud to be associated and to endorse the joining of two of our largest Migrant Communities, as one so the people of these wonderful communities are able to pass a message of eternal forgiveness and peace between them, via the example shown by Project 1453.

I welcome the people of Australia and the world to participate and to support this unique cultural effort and I also encourage and request for this unique event to be copied by other nationalities who may still have conflicting ideologies or views with neighboring countries .

All of us must take our Australian Peace example as a model for World Peace for our present and future generations as it is never too late to let go of our differences, as we must focus in what we have in common! It is only when we learn from our historical background and forgive others that we can understand why we are all - One Global Family!

Right around the world we are right now in need of good news and hope especially in times of our present conflicts so I have informed and listed this historical event with UNESCO Manifesto 2000 as part of our program for Peace and Non Violence which ends in 2010.

Since I have attended the organising committee meetings, I have become fully aware of the length and diplomatic steps the organising committee has taken to ensure a perfect balance of opinions, research and presenters views to create this unique joining of our Greek and Turkish communities in Melbourne Australia and therefore I am proud to offer my warmest and sincerest congratulations to the whole 1453 organising committee.

However, I wish to express especial congratulations to; Mr. Terry Papadis, Ms. Susan Aykut and Mr. Paul Kavanagh for their drive and personal dedication to bring this unique peace event to fruition, I thank also Australian Catholic University, Melbourne for their cooperation to stage this event in this wonderful historical building landmark!

Richard A Fletcher
MPE © Inner Spiritual Healing - Life Coach -Speaker
Founder World Peace 2000
UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace
Messenger UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000.

June 21 - 23, 2003.

World Peace 2000 - Welcomes Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

"World Peace 2000 Angels" joins with Chief Arvol Looking Horse in celebrating his World Peace & Prayer Day Celebrations. "All Nations - All Faiths - One Prayer"

Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, The Grampians (Gariwerd) Halls Gap Victoria - Australia.

Join us for this 3 day Gathering to share Wisdom and solutions for Peace from around the World!

HISTORY and MISSION: The World Peace and Prayer Day mission was founded in 1996 by Chief (Dr) Arvol Looking Horse, Spiritual Leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations (collectively known as the Great Sioux Nation). Along with thousands of concerned citizens of the Americas he began to promote this Wolakota event. (Lakota word for Peace).

This vision was extended to the Global community and is now pursuing a United Nations world proclamation declaring June 21 (summer/winter solstice) as World Peace and Prayer Day (Honoring Sacred Sites Day) where all nations and all people join together spiritually and pray for the healing of Earth and all beings to live in sustainable harmony and peace.

We are aware the issue of peace, the fear of violence through terrorism and war is in peoples' thoughts at this time. We are aware that many people in the world are suffering through poverty, disease and famine. We are aware that our planet's existence is under threat from environmental damage. We worry for the legacy we are leaving for our children's generation. Our current world social, environmental and climatic conditions have come as no surprise to the WPPD Peace Delegation.

Chief Looking Horse, along with the World Peace and Prayer Day (WPPD) delegation have been traveling the four corners of the earth to enact World Peace and Prayer Day to bring awareness of the need for all people to join spiritually for Mother Earth's and all living beings' survival. This international delegation of peace leaders, cultural representatives, multi-faith religious dignitaries and representatives of social and environmental causes have made significant progress towards achieving the goals of this mission, while retaining the uniqueness of identity and beliefs that come through the diversity of this forum.

World Peace and Prayer Day is to recommit ourselves to ecological principles for sustainable living through forums, exhibits, and education - to support a better future for our children. This event is synchronized with gatherings at Sacred Sites around the world. If you are unable to attend, please join this global endeavour and gather with friends at a local Sacred Site for Peace.

We have been very warmly invited as guests by the Traditional People of Brambuk at Gariwerd to walk their land and share this 3-day peace gathering. The theme for this 8th year of prayer is "COMING HOME² and will offer Youth forums, indigenous and religious speakers, sustainable living exposition, traditional music, dance and more.

"We are now in a time of prophecy, when Animal Nations would stand upon Mother Earth a different color than their natural being and be born white. They are speaking to us with the only voice that can be heard. These messages are of a blessing and yet a great warning. It is a time of great urgency to unite for Peace and Harmony upon Mother Earth in order for our future generations to survive. Mother Earth is not a resource, but rather the source of life itself." Chief Arvol Looking Horse 19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Bundle

CEREMONIAL INFORMATION: Our gracious hosts from Gariwerd will perform opening Ceremonies with Chief Arvol and Traditional Elders also leading a ceremonial Horse Ride carrying the prayers of our Children's survival. The ceremonial activity will conclude with all attending represented faiths and beliefs creating a circle, offering prayers, in conjunction with the Global community. Due to the condition of The Sacred Bundle, it will not be travelling to Australia, however, the essence and vision of the Bundle will be with us. Chief Arvol will bring a representative ceremonial pipe bundle.

EVENT PROTOCOL: This is a drug and alcohol free event. There is also event protocol regarding drumming, photography, cultural sensitivity and dress code ­ women are requested to wear long skirts/dress or sarongs at the Ceremonies. For the complete WPPD 2003 Protocol, please visit our website so you can carry the Elders wishes with you as you attend the gathering.

ACTIVITIES: The days are highlighted with speakers and workshops, singers and dancers from Aboriginal, Native American, Maori and other indigenous and invited religious and cultural organizations. WPPD 2003 will also include presentations of art, multimedia and performances by indigenous youth. This year's theme is directed at Youth in Culture and the Arts.

ACCOMMODATION: People wishing to attend WPPD 2003 will need to make their own accommodation, food and transport arrangements in Halls Gap. For assistance contact the Grampians and Halls Gap Visitor's Information Centre at 1 800 065 599 or 1 800 246 880 There will be no camping or accommodation available at Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre.


To make this event accessible to people of all walks of life, admission is free, however all donations will be appreciated. The Australian Committee will encounter considerable expenses including travel support, food and accommodation for Elders, event setup and promotions. It is through the generosity of supporters and volunteers that this special gathering can happen. We are most grateful for every gift - each gift makes a difference.

We would also appreciate your ongoing help in "spreading the word", so please forward our emails, distribute flyers and chat with people.

THE GIFT OF YOURSELF - VOLUNTEERING: We are looking for dedicated people who embody the true spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the vision of World Peace and Prayer Day - to unite in our common heritage through the spirit of cooperation.

Please keep checking for the most current information and request to get on our email list at World Peace and Prayer Day Australia 2003 (Wolakota Foundation Australia) PO Box 160 Warrandyte 3113 Victoria AustraliaTel: 03 9844 5379 Fax: 03 9844 1277

World Peace and Prayer Day - All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer coming together to work in peace and harmony for the benefit of all.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time, assistance and prayers!

June 29 World Peace 2000 Angels - Around the World.

"World Peace 2000 Angels"

Celebrations for World Peace will be taking place in all the countries affiliated with branches in 28 countries. People in general will be able to have meditations, prayers and other events to highlight the principles of Love and Peace and service to the community at Local, Regional, National and International levels.

September 11, 2003

World Peace 2000 International - Birthday Celebrations

4th birthday anniversary dinner and spiritual ceremonies will be honoring the memories of all the people who have given their lives throughout the world to provide us with World Peace and our present Global opportunities!

We will include war veterans who fought to defend human rights for Peace in countries around the world!

We will honor and remember those who became injured those who are still suffering as result of war and those who lost their lives around the world as result of the terror of NY and human violence! We will honor those who work to end poverty and other issues that affect our Global Peace!

September 21, 2003

UN A/RES/55/282 International Peace Day Celebrations

Right Now!

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Your annual membership funding and your donations will allow World Peace 2000 International to represent your voice, our cultures, national country or faith organization!

Your Grass Root Peace Solutions will and can contribute in creating a better happier humanity for everyone, since peace is in our hands, assist World Peace 2000 International to create our annual Gathering of all Nations.

Help us empower individuals through...

"Gathering of All Nations - 2003"©

Through education, we provide network opportunities for like-minded people to come together to share grass roots ideas, to solve problems on a local, national and international levels.

Grass Roots Application is made possible by our WORLD PEACE 2000 ANGELS networking and acting as the world's direct democratic communication system, through World Peace 2000 International we can provide direct contact between the UN and the people of the world, to research, find new ways for peace, peace education and peace propagation training in the world. Join us!

The UNESCO Manifesto 2000 joins prominent peace leaders, worldwide organisations that are dedicated to “joining all religions, all cultures, all nationalities of the world in an effort to create lasting world peace!”

Together we can create a difference to our lives and the lives of people around the world.”

“World Peace 2000 International invites you to sign the UNESCO Manifesto 2000, join your effort with prominent peace leaders and worldwide peace organizations leaders who like us are following Spiritual Truths and United Nations - Universal Declarations of Human Rights for the well-being of the whole of Humanity and Nature.

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UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 requests your Peace support (click on the UNESCO image)
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December 2003 (Exact Times, place location and event details will be announced soon).


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December 2003
World Peace 2000 Angels - 2003 National Peace Conference in Australia.

December 2003
World Peace 2000 Angels - 2003 International Peace Conference in Australia.


1 January 2000

Listing of Cities by State supporting World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace Celebrations
Melbourne - Victoria

The Right Honorable Peter Costigan, the late Lord Mayor started City of Melbourne's support with signing the UN / World Peace 2000 Peace Proclamation on behalf of the City.

Melbourne Treasury Gardens

5 am Multicultural, Multi-Religious event with about 3,000 people celebrating Australia's unique peaceful way of life and promotion of our unique Australian World Peace Model!

World Peace 2000 since its 11 September 1999 birth has attracted a host of individuals, worldwide and national organizations all presently focused on joining: All Religions, All Cultures, All Nationalities of the world in an effort to create lasting World Peace!


Stonnington City Council

Council's unanimous support in 1999 for One Day in Peace Celebrations included signing of the United Nations - One Day In Peace Proclamation and the donation of the Double Torched Hellenic World Peace 2000 Monument shown below.

Photo from right to left.

City of Stonnington - World Peace 2000 Monument.

The Honorable Victor Perton MP, representing The Australian Prime Minister, Councillor Annette Stockman City of Stonnington Mayor, Richard A Fletcher, Founder - World Peace 2000 International & UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace. Ms. Kate Van der Vort, Life Foundation - World Peace Flame carrier after the lighting ceremony.

Mr. Fletcher thanked Councillor Annette Stockman and Stonnington City for the Hellenic Monument gift and promised to bring World Peace dignatories and the community to enjoy peace activities around it.

The United Nations - World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace celebrations at Princess Gardens included a family picnic, painting of a peace quilt,Middle Eastern Dancing, Brahma Kumaris meditation, prayers, singing, music and the World Peace 2000 Peace March to light up The World Peace 2000 Monument with The World Peace Flame. Weekend Meditations, Borders Bookstore Lecture and World Peace Public talks.

Ballarat Gathering, Castillian Center Spiritual talks, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau Chief Rabbi of Israel Lecture, Political Union Gatherings, Monash University Peace Talks, Sales People with a Purpose (SWAP) talks, Melbourne City Council Talks and Lectures, World Peace Dinner Talks, Australian-American Association - 6 Months NYC Remembrance plus many, many more!

A random list of other State activities World Peace 2000 had Victorian State representation; Menindee Spiritual Gathering, Falun Dafa Support at steps of Parliament of Victoria calling for Peace, Compassion and Forbearance. Victorian Public Lectures, Spiritual Peace Gatherings, Aboriginal Reconciliation March and Gatherings.

South Australia:

Included a 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' - Planting of Poles For Peace, meditations, singing and a Peace March.


Victor Harbor District Council - South Australia
Signed The World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace UN Peace Proclamation and launched the celebrations with an open street World Peace Carnival.

New South Wales:
Included meditations, prayers, media announcements, peace concerts.
Included meditations, prayers, media announcements, peace concerts.

Western Australia:
A City Concert and Songs Festival with thousands of people and David Herring launch of his 'Seeds of Hope' song to benefit the Kosovo refugees completed celebrations of World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace.

A number of meditations, prayers, media announcements, peace concerts, events took place around the State.

Media Interviews:
SBS Radio, ABC TV, Channel 9, many inner FM Radio programs, 3ZZZ Radio, Leader Newspaper article, Sydney 2N FMBSM 91.5 and The Age.

January 4th, 2000

President Clinton met with leaders of the initiative, Linda Grover, John Conyers and Greg Smith in the Oval Office to commend them for their efforts to reduce hunger and violence through the establishment of a new holiday, and to celebrate US acceptance of the new holiday.

18 July 2000

recognized World Peace 2000 Australia as Non Governmental Organisation or Association and as a Messenger Manifesto 2000 for a Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, until 2010.
On the same day Mr. Richard Fletcher was confirmed by UNESCO as United Nations Regional Coordinator for his World Peace 2000 Australia initiatives to continue his UNESCO Manifesto 2000 promotions.

16 September and 23 September 2001

Melbourne City Square World Peace Talks to some 3,000 people to remain calm after the New York attack.
The NYC USA Memorial Service at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne with members of The USA Embassy, Members of State Parliament and other dignitaries.

World Peace 2000 International celebrating the UN International Women's Day March 8, 2002 (celebrations from March 3 - 9).

"Gather The Women" reaching out to one billion women with the simple message...
"You Can Make A Difference In the World And The Time Is NOW!"

Gather The Women" around the World Click here for more information

Carol Hansen Grey, World Peace 2000 International, Advisory Board Member and Founder of the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment (, is fully dedicated to helping achieve world peace. She has joined under the auspices of Women and Vision and Action (WOVA) and now World Peace 2000 International organization to attract women leaders taking spirit - based action to create positive change in the world.

She is honored to serve as the Executive Director of WOWA a non-profit, US-based which together WOVA with World Peace 2000 International are sponsoring a worldwide call to feminine action the week of March 3 - 9, 2003 called Gather the Women.

World Peace 2000 International as a Messenger UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000, envisions thousands of local events with women gathering in prayer, forgiveness and "purposeful action" beginning March 3 in preparation for the UN International Women's Day on March 8, when an estimated one billion women will gather all around the globe to combine their energies to build a balanced and peaceful world as part of our UNESCO MANIFESTO commitment of Global Peace and Non Violence.

Please keep check in our websites listed below for the latest news and information please let World Peace 2000 International know your thoughts on how we may bring the women and men of The World to work together.

World Peace 2000 International is proud to be co-sponsoring the Gather the Women initiative and we look forward to working with women to help steer our beloved planet toward a peaceful path. I know we can do it!

Only Love Prevails

Carol Hansen Grey
World Peace 2000 International Advisory Board Member
Executive Director Women of Vision and Action
March Women Gathering For World Peace.

March 24 to 07 April in Sydney & Blue Mountains

Richard A Fletcher, Founder & CEO, World Peace 2000 International Inner Spiritual Peace Lecture Series:

MPE (Mental Physical Emotional),
World Peace 2000 Angels, Grass Roots Peace Solutions, Meditation, Inner Peace all contributing to World Peace.

Lectures at: Neutral Bay, Bondi, Bilgola Beach, Blue Mountains and Nelson Bay .

March 29

Sydney Darling Harbor World Peace Forum 2003 Peace Ethics & Sustainability.

April - May 2003. Exact dates to be confirmed.

GrandMother Drum's "Ring of Fire" Australian Tour

The Heartbeat of... One Family, One Earth!

Share in the personal and community healing power of the Grand Mother Drum built by the Alaskan Community in honor of the Athabascan tribes of Chickaloon, Eklutna, Tyonek, Kenaitze, Nondalton and Qutekcak! Enjoy & Learn about this sacred drum seven feet in diameter and built in a kettle shape by over 1300 strips of Alaska Yellow, Red Cedar and Alaska Birch trees!
Click here for 2002 Australian visit details!

Cooperation and Education are Keys that encourage Peace!

Working together we can all create a difference to our lives and the lives of people around the world.
World Peace 2000 Angels follow Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UNESCO principles:

Respect all life – Reject violence – Share with others – Listen to understand – Preserve the planet – Rediscover solidarity trough peace education and the arts!

World Peace 2000 Angels therefore believe by our actions we can stop future wars from happening, so we invite you to join us so we can take action on:

View our World Peace 2000 Angels presentation! (click here)


World Peace 2000 International, yearly Gathering of All Nations 2003 Peace events and conferences create a national an international forum to take action for 2000 years of Global Peace!


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