World Peace 2000 Angels!

Since Richard received his spiritual inspiration to start World Peace 2000 on 11 September 1999, he created in Melbourne Australia the aims for World Peace 2000 International to stage in every country in the world, a yearly peace event and then launched World Peace 2000 Angels to assist its international expansion. Thus all angels acting on behalf of World Peace 2000 International would become Ambassadors and event leaders guiding World Peace 2000 events around the world.

Gathering of All Nations

Gathering of All Nations is simply the opening event that declares all participating Nations and Cultures willingness towards World Peace. This event announces and calls the Nations and peoples of the world to participate in the National and International yearly Peace Conferences..

The first Gathering of All Nations is starting in Australia in 2003 and will share with the world Australia's unique working World Peace Model that already includes a Multi Cultural - Multi Faith - Multi Nationalities - Multi Economical peaceful way of life. The Australian model is contiguously self improving and creating new inroads our unique World Peace Model we wish to share with the world.

People in other Countries wishing to enjoy our way of life are welcomed and encouraged to join World Peace 2000 Angels so we are able to teach them how we live and how our Peaceful ways make us have a better way of life than many others around the world.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

However we are aware our Australia's unique World Peace Model is not perfect even though it works very successfully for most Australians. Providing us with a safe economic and social life that allows a Fair Go for everyone prepared to abide by Australians standards and laws. Thus World Peace 2000 Angels will always play an extremely important part in learning from others around the world to further improve promoting, sharing our unique way of life with people around the world.

World Peace 2000 Angels first aim is to encourage others to follow our unique Australian Peaceful way of life examples and then by researching others countries Peaceful Ways of life they present Grass Root Peace Solutions at all our World Peace 2000 conferences. Then these findings are summarized by World Peace 2000 International and introduced them via our World Peace 2000 Angels networks to the appropriate Australian authorities to improve our Social Economical Model.

So we wish other countries to share with Australians and the rest of the world, ways to first adopt our Australian systems because they work, then further improve our model.

Our yearly National & International Peace Conferences providing and opportunity for cities around the world to facilitate the People of the world to benefit by bringing their new peace ideas and solutions to further improve the quality of life for all humanity people around the world.

"Gathering of All Nations" event activities include 100,000 people. Representing the people of the world are invited to participate in this unique unifying Peace event to celebrate "What we all have in Common" as well as, to bring Grass Root Peace Solutions to The National and International Peace Conferences to iron out the differences that create conflicts and War. Starting with conflicts in our families, towns, cities, countries and finally our World so Peace May Prevail.

Grass Roots Peace Solutions must be able to be applied by anyone in the world regardless of politics, religion, nationality or cultural differences thus encouraging The Universal e our lives so The People's Peace & Happiness and The Planet's needs May Prevail."

For all these reasons we invite support, financial yearly membership and donations from concerned people and "ACTIVE HUMANITARIANS" to join our International World Peace 2000 Angels volunteers.

A minimum of 2,000 - World Peace 2000 Angels, are required in every city around the world, in order to unable us to present these yearly World Peace events as well as put into practice World Peace 2000's Educational plans to reduce poverty, homelessness, crime and to prevent - stop war's from happening!

World Peace 2000 Angels TRAINING

As part of our society education and in order to achieve world peace, World Peace 2000 Angels are encourage to enroll in our MPE © training (Mental - Physical - Emotional) to improve personal abilities such as inner personal growth, relationships and life skills, family life, public speaking, conflict resolution, peace strategies at work, peace and the environment, spirituality, etc. all these training are presented by highly qualified and World Peace 2000 International trainers.

World Peace 2000 also welcome supporters in the 140 countries who participated on our 1st January 2000 "World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace" global celebrations.

World Peace 2000 as an umbrella organisation encourages cooperation and represents organisations through it's many affiliations in these following areas:

Peace, Environment Sustainability, Religious, Multi Cultural, Human Aid, Medical, Building, Media, Culture, Indigenous, International Law, Migration and humanitarian programs around the world therefore it is imperative to promote "World Peace 2000 & Gathering of All Nations"

Join World Peace 2000 Angels Now!

Your yearly $100.00 (one Hundred Dollars) yearly membership and donations will allow World Peace 2000 International to represent your voice, our cultures, national country and faith organisations!

Listing constantly upgrading!

David Stqnley-Coker, Peter Francis Luswata,


Click here for Listing of World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace 1 January 2000 Supporters

Alex Adusei, Andre Pitts, Anna Parker, Anne Papasavas, Andrew Miles, Anthony J Sullivan, Arthur Sharp, Asoki Jayawardhana, Austin C. Odogwu, Azher Ali Khan Naghar,
Biannca Donah Pace, Belinda Richards, Bob & Joan Clavan,
Carole Satchell, Carolyn Hemme, Caterina Nur (aka Cathy Arends), Cheryl Marion Mcphee, Chris Hildred, Christian Eze Njoku,
Dhyana Harris, Donna Michelle Wray,
Eleanor Brooker, Elisa Marleny D'netto-Cardona, Eva Orr,
Faten Chamseddine,
Gae Anandamah Peterson, Giji Gya, Holly Thurman,
John Kent, Lochlan & John Warren, Jenny & Steve Funston, Judy O'Donnell, Justine Bernard, Jyothi Mary Shah,
Kola-Balogun Akeem, Ky Sisara,
Laté Wodi Lawson, Laurie Ross, Lee Jenkins, Leigh Dick-Read, Lorraine Wisener,
Margaret Anne, Martine Bach, Martin Macminn, Maurice White, Melinda Webb, Melanie Bruce, Michael & Linda King, Michael Wells, Michelle O’Dea, Moharram Aghazadeh,
Nerida James,
Prosper Lamptey, PJ Baker,
Rachel Anne Weston, Ray Murphy, Rebecca Edison, Ricardo Sanguine, Richard A. Fletcher, Richard Hayward, Rose Nichols, Rwankangi Ronald, Russ Thorton,
Santosh Timilsina, Scott Evans, Sheikh Fehmi Naji El - Imam, Skye Summers, Starjo WA, Stephen Verbeek,
Tafo Kumasi,
Valerie Hogarth, Victoria Chandler,
Yasmaheen Maddison - Christie,
Willeke & Joe Reike,


Magaly Gonzales Vigouroux


Louise Sperl, Matjaz Trontelj,


Jamal Hossain, Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain, Sharmin Chowdhury,


Yaduram Nepal


Altaf Qadeer, Diane Dodds, Jean Hudon, Namgyal Nangsetsang,


Zhang Jie


Richard Anthony Losalajome,

Costa Rica

Gilbert Carmichel,


Adzalla-Koma L Deessa, Sibastien Petiot,



Opoku Duah, Prosper Lamptey,


Dr Bhupendra Narayan Mahanta, Pankaj Sampat, Ram Prasad Paudel, Roopali Sircar,


H.E. Prince I Gusti Made Hiswara of Lombok,
Tan Li Hwa,


Hagit Ra'anan,


Rosa Maria Falvo,


Jeremiah Otieno Orinda, Laban Onyoni Nyaringo,


Ricardo Ocampo,


Abdellah Znat, Sidi Ahmed Flaila,


Chandra Bahadur Chhetri, Janak Pandey, Kishor Dhahal, Kishor Kumar Gautam, Krishna Prashad Kafle, Madan Paudel, Niraja Gautam, Prasant Singh, Samir Neupane, Thark Bahadur Shah,

New Zealand

Helen Charters,


Cajetan Azubuike, Debo Belvis O'Diaji, Michael Awolusi


Harmony Foster Kieding


Azher Ali Khan Naghar, Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Ghulam Mustafa Abbasi, Mian Gulzar Ahmad, Mohammed Mian, Muhammad Yaqub Chaudhary, Waris Ali Chaudhry,


Rabbi E. Deloso,


Sabine Lichtenfels,


Skvortsov Oleg Sergeevich,

Sierra Leone

James Hallowell, John Maurice Kargbo, Kaprie J G Thoronka, Nyuma M. Bunduka, Sheik Salim Feika,


Isaac E. Mwang' Onda,


Isoto Bibian, Rwankangi Ronald,

United Kingdom

John Bunzl, Robin A Ashman,

United States of America

Alan Moore, April Sullivan, Barbara H. Hartford, Cydell Payne, Deborah Moldow, Kay Simmons, Kelly Coleen Sieglinger, Mathew Webb, Michael Lightweaver, Mitchell L Gold, Patti Cota Robles, Paul Andrew, Rev. Edith Bello, Richard Lee Erskine, Robert Alan Silverstein, Steve Diamond, Susan Curry, Vijay Mahbubani,

West Indies

Morella Joseph,

All these above people and organizations are committed to World Peace.... how can you help?

Your Grass Root Peace Solutions can contribute in creating a better happier humanity for everyone! Peace is in our hands so we call on you to assist us to create World Peace!

Join World Peace 2000 Angels Right Now. Please Mail or deposit your donation directly in our bank account:

World Peace 2000 Angels,
Bank of Melbourne - Australia Account Number: 033-059-27 2984

Via surface mail, please send all your donation payment cheques payable to:
World Peace 2000 Angels PO Box 411, TOORAK Victoria 3142 AUSTRALIA.

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