1 January 2000, UN World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace Celebrations
Life Foundation, World Peace Flame

The Life Foundation World Peace Flame was formed by the sacred flames of indigenous people, Peace Leaders in 5 continents including Aboriginal Elder, Pearl Wymerra, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama and Royalty.

Ironically all the flames were transported by war planes and finally as The World Peace Flame Ms. Kate Van der Vort brought it to Melbourne in Australia to light the World Peace 2000 Monument at City of Stonnington.


The Life Foundation, 'World Peace Flame' a Symbol of Peace!

Partial list of people to whom The World Peace Foundation Flame has been presented and some of the places it is burning at:

Bosnia, UK, Canada, Italy, UN New York, Dalai Lama, European Parliament Brussels, Former President of Ireland, President Human Rights Commission, Germany, Belgian National Parliament, Royal Household UK, Danish Government, Former President Clinton, Pope Jean Paul II, Delhi India, Nairobi, The Hague, South Africa, St. Francis of Assisi Basilica, Geneva - Bertrand Picard nonstop around the world balloon flight, Mahatma Gandhi's anniversary memorial service, Israel, Japan, Manchester, Moscow Presidential Office, Newcastle, South Pole, National Museum of the American Indian, US Congress, Chile.

5 AM, 1 January 2000. City of Melbourne in Australia, welcomed United Nations, World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace celebrations with Aboriginal dancers a Multi Cultural, Multi Religious ceremonies and artist shows in front of an audience of some 3,000 people welcoming the first morning of the new Millennium of World Peace as part of series of World Peace 2000 events around Australia!

4 PM. City of Stonnington continuing with the United Nations, World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace Australian Peace program City of Stonnington welcome the World Peace Flame and unveiled the double torch Hellenic, World Peace 2000 Monument!

Following The United Nations One Day in Peace, celebrations at Treasury Gardens in Melbourne. City of Stonnington and World Peace 2000 invited Melbourne people to participate in a family picnic, painting of a peace quilt, Middle Eastern dancing and the Brahma Kumaris, World Peace Meditation at Princess Gardens in Prahran to celebrate the United Nations World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga musicians lead the World Peace 2000 Minute of Peace to remember those who have given their lives in support of World Peace and to focus in the end of all wars in the world.

Chapel Street Peace March, The World Peace Flame & Unveiling of the World Peace 2000 Monument.

Alia with Aeeda Middle Eastern Dancers, Brahma Kumaris performers, followed by Government Officials, Peace participants through the Chapel Street Peace March, parading the
World Peace Flame towards Barry Street, for the lighting of the Hellenic Monument, eternal flame. Richard A. Fletcher & Kate Van der Voort assisted by Annette Stockman and Victor Perton lighted the two torches of The World Peace 2000 Monument with The World Peace Flame, symbolically uniting in Peace all Indigenous people and World Peace Leaders in five continents with Australia.

World Peace 2000 Monument
Kate Van der Vort, Richard A. Fletcher, Annette Stockman & Victor Perton

For the first time in Australian history, Flames of Peace, have been brought together from all continents of the world. These flames traveled from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and the Americas to UK. Brought together to create the single flame known as The World Peace Flame.

The World Peace Flame

The flames lit by royalty, indigenous elders, eminent peacemakers was flown across oceans by military Airforce planes.

You are invited to take a candle to all Peace ceremonies at the World Peace 2000 Monument, light from it so you and your family connect symbolically with the essence of World Peace. Use the breeze of your hand to expire the flame and light the candle once a day for just a few moments. Think of your inner peace and visualize World Peace for 2000 years going out from you to your family, friends and to the whole world.

World Peace 2000 - World Peace Flame - World Peace 2000 Monument

It is World Peace 2000 wish that you pass the World Peace 2000 Monument flame to as many people as you can to continue making a transition for the next two millennium as a celebration of optimism, joy and happiness for everyone in earth! Together we can work to maintain World Peace. So we welcome you to join our World Peace 2000 Angels. Register via this site pass our address http://www.vicnet.net.au/~wp2000au so others like you can also join us.

Gathering of All Nations in December 2003 is our next major event join our World Peace 2000 Angels NOW!


World Peace 2000 is deeply grateful for the cooperation of the following individuals that made 1 January 2000 celebrations in the State of Victoria possible.

Shadow Minister Victor Perton, The Hon John Howard, The Honorable Leonie Burke MLA, Member for Prahran, Melbourne Lord Mayor Councillor Peter Costigan, Stonnington Mayor Cr. Annette Stockman and CEO City of Stonnington for their personal participation and donation of the World Peace 2000 Monument Kate Van der Voort for bringing the Life Foundation World Peace Flame to Australia.

City of Melbourne for organizing the Treasury Gardens Multi cultural Multi Religious celebrations. Ms Carmen Warrington leading Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga musicians (founders one million minute of peace), to light the World Peace 2000 Monument. David Herring for his Seeds of Hope song, Dancers Alia, Isabella and Nashat Abdel Sayed. Yvonne Gregory, Holly Thurman Victorian College of The Arts, Pauline and Steven Crosbie and Eacham Curry for his journalistic support.

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