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World Peace 2000
Universal Peace Society (UPS)
Gathering of All Nations Australia 2012
and beyond


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Gathering of All Nations (Australia)
Join our team - become part of history!

The event already involves support from leading World Peace Makers, Royalty, Hiroshima Survivors, Global Entertainers and representations from countries from around the globe thus your support is now required since

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World Peace is in all our hands!

In an instant our global combined choice plus our personal effort can change; the life of our families and our poor global society conditions for the better!

An Individual can change his own life, his family or country life it just takes massive action by at least two people to Change Humanity!

~ Richard A Fletcher


Click here - Richard A Fletcher Video Message


Universal Peace Society aims and support requirements are simple!

Get 21 individuals to participate in forming teams of 21 Peace Angels.

All these teams therefore agree to work as volunteers within their community to improve their community wellbeing worldwide by the peaceful application of applied “Proven Peace Solutions.”

Proven Peace Solutions mean they have been tested by various people and each time resulted in people’s lives improvements; thus we have tools to apply and achieve the beginning of 2000 years of Peace in towns, suburbs, cities and countries around the world.


The Universal Peace Society tasks are simple:


Where a branch does not exist, start one and register it with Universal Peace Society in Australia.

Help one another in your team by offering “Peace Soul-utions” to overcome personal and family issues.

As a team member help in improving the life of other families in your local community in cooperation with established local, State and or National Authorities

Register as member and register all proven Grass Root Peace Solutions you may have with the nearest regional Universal Peace Society branch in your country.

Help and participate in organising the yearly Universal Peace Society conference in your country and assist in celebrating individual, Local, Regional and National Peace achievements

Assist your National representative/s to gather your team Grass Root Peace Solutions to be part of the annual Gathering of All Nations (Country Name and year) International Peace Conference.

Remember to send your annual membership registration and or any other donations to help us with the implementation of Universal Peace Society international humanitarian causes.

Join our dedicated peace makers and support our UPS annual
Gathering of All Nations events.

World Peace 2000 and Universal Peace Society are inviting you to join the peace efforts of; Indigenous Leaders, Spiritual and Religious Leaders, Famous Musicians and Entertainers, Global Organizations and People around the world who have been working with us in supporting our world peace volunteer work and Gathering of All Nations events since 1999.

Register now, Share your Proven Peace Solutions so we can offer them to other families, people in suburbs and cities as well as Governments around the world. So our combined Proven Peace Solutions can change and improve the living conditions of everyone around the world.

Since 1999, we have had many peace events and we have celebrated our unique Australian peaceful ways.

As part of a small team of Peace Volunteers in Australia, USA and UK we launched the World wide celebrations of the 1st of January 2000 as the First Day of the New Millennium of Peace. With support of a UN Special Resolution we joined millions of people in 140 Countries, plus 50 National Governments on top UNESCO gathered over 79,000,000 signatures for Peace.

We again need your peace support.

In your own country you may have peaceful solutions that you have found worked in solving human society and/or nature’s issues. These Proven Peace Solutions can be followed and by repeating the same steps others also will improve their lives, so we invite you to register those solutions with Universal Peace Society so we are able to share them via our worldwide connections and celebrate them at our annual Gathering of All Nations events with people around the world.

You may also register and seek approval to lead your own Gathering of all Nations event in your own country and thus help us share other people and Governments Peace Solutions we have found worked in other places of the world.

Join us in peace! Help us with your forgiveness let us all contribute in repairing; each other’s lives, our hopes, our families and our hearts. This is the way and the time we can all create true abundance, peace and happiness for everyone in our planet.



Listing of Present and Past - Peace Contributing Organisations

UNESCO Manifesto 2000 - Peace project collected over 79 million people signatures endorsing a culture of Peace and Nonviolence around the world

One Day In Peace Foundation - Co-Organizers of the 1 Jan 2000 as the One Day in Peace in the new Millennium of Peace

Pathways to Peace - Co-Organizers of the 1 January 2000 as One Day in Peace in the Millennium of Peace

World Peace 2000 (now known as Universal Peace Society) - Co-Organizers of the 1 January 2000 as One Day in Peace in the Millennium of Peace

Media and Spiritual Global Organisations

Radio for Peace International (Costa Rica) - Peace Education through Media

Brahma Kumaris - Meditation Inner Peace Education

Good News Agency (Italy) - Peace Education via Good News

International Simultaneous Policy Organization - Global Environment Education

Jean Huddon (Quebec, Canada) - Peace Promotion via Internet Media Information

Mahatma Gandhi Research (Germany) - Peace Education

The Peace Chime Movement

Australian Organisations

Kulin Nations Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation (Australia) - Indigenous Education.

Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (Australia) - Education

Creative Health Network (Queensland, Australia) - Health and Education.

Get off Drugs Naturally - Narconon (Australia) Inner Peace Education - Drug Rehabilitation.

VICNET (Melbourne, Australia) - Education via Internet Media.

Middle East Organisations

Peace-Shalom-Salam, Love-Ahava-Hube & Light-Or-Nur, Hagit (Israel) - Peace Education & Unity

Turtle Island - USA Organisations

Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Lakota Dakota Nakota People - (USA) - Indigenous Culture

International Association of Educators for World Peace W.E. (USA) - Peace Education

Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace (USA) - Music Art and Education

Butterfly Gardeners Association (USA) - Peace research and Education.

One Day in Peace Foundation (USA) - Peace training & Education

Falun Dafa (NY Headquarters USA) - Meditation and education.

USA Food for the Hungry (USA) - Food Distribution and Poverty Reduction

United Religions Initiative (USA) - Unity of All Religions

Action Without Borders (USA) - Unity of All Nations

The Bridging Tree (USA) - Education

Peaceday Org (USA) - Education

European Organisations

Tamera (Portugal) Building Projects and Peace Conferences

Kalachakra for World Peace - (Austria) Peace Education through Unification

World Peace Flame - Life Foundation (United Kingdom) Peace Education

World Peace 2000 (United Kingdom)

Asian Organisations

Byakko Shinko Kai (White Light Association) (Japan) - Peace Education

World Peace 999 (Thailand) Peace Education

Since 1999, we have been working with all these above mentioned organizations to create Gathering of All Nations events around the world. Their own commitment to creating World Peace combined with our Australian effort driving a mutual commitment for a Global Movement and a Culture of Peace and Non Violence in 140 countries.

Further affiliations and sponsorships from individuals, communities, schools, associations, business enterprises and the governments of the world are welcome!

Universal Peace Society / World Peace 2000 International Achievements

We all know World Peace can be possible when we work together to achieve Peace and you as an individual can make a Global Difference!

On 11 Sep 1999, the personal spiritual experiences of our founder Mr Richard A Fletcher inspired him to sending peace messages under the name 'World Peace 2000' and he never imagined what happened next... Within two months of sending his World Peace 2000 peace messages he became:

UN Regional Coordinator for World Peace 2000/One Day in Peace for Australasia

UNESCO Manifesto 2000 Messenger and Member of the 'One Day In Peace/ Pathways to Peace' team leading peace organizations around the world.

The individuals and combined team's effort created a Global Peace event that attracted people around the world to celebrate The First Day of the New Millennium of Peace on 1 January 2000.

The team's combined effort also achieved

A United Nations Resolution calling all nations and people to celebrate peace

Participation of 140 countries

50 National Governments Representation

Dalai Lama and a host of other Dignitaries Messages from around the world

A USA Government Annual Day of Peace celebration

UNESCO Manifesto 2000 received 79,000,000 peace signatures supporting global peace

Australian Local and State Governments including over 80,000 Australians participated.

A World Peace 2000 Monument gifted to celebrate the occasion by City of Stonnington in Melbourne Australia.

Our founder is again inviting your support us so we can improve on our eleven years of Global Peace voluntary work in Australia and around the world. Imagine what we can all achieve together!

Promotional highlights towards the creation of 'Gathering of All Nations Australia

WOW (Windows of the World) and Gathering of All Nations 2009 at Melbourne Federation Square 2009

Meetings with political, religious and spiritual leaders, indigenous elders and peoples around the world

Meetings with Peace Ambassadors and UPF Volunteers 2000 - 2008

The International Peace Leadership - Kodiak Alaska August 2007

The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace 2007

Multifaith Gathering at the State Government Parliament of Victoria Nov 2007

The Mongolian People Federation for World Peace at Seoul Korea October 2006

Kook Jin Nim World Peace Tour 2006 

The Universal Peace Federation at the Victorian Arts Centre Sep 2006

The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace - NZ July 2005

Ambassador for Peace appointment - Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace - 2005

Project 1453 - Uniting Greek Orthodox Christianity and Islam - Catholic University of Melbourne 2003

International Gathering of Indigenous Elders at Menindee in Australia 2002

UN / One Day in Peace / Pathways to Peace / World Peace 2000 Millennium Celebrations on 1 January 2000

All our past events and people confirm support for the Universal Peace Society events successes.

Yet society is nothing more than a group of individuals who chose to act and live together; yet as we are individuals we are not perfect and we can make mistakes, however we can always pick ourselves up and move on to improve our society for the better.

So look through my small selection of my pictures to show you peace is certainly possible when you the individual like me decide to take peaceful actions and via making small steps have contributed to create peace in the world.


Australian Peace History!


Upon waking up on 11 Sep 1999, Australian, Richard A Fletcher was inspired to start sending peace messages under the name World Peace 2000 (now known as Universal Peace Society).

The same morning friends in Newcastle NSW, during their meditation were spiritually asked to immediately call Richard in Melbourne Victoria and ask him to go and meet The International Author of Kryon Spiritual Books Mr Lee Carroll who was giving a spiritual lecture at midday in Melbourne.

On that day Richard had a series of spiritual experiences!

On 11 October 1999, Richard was invited to join his World Peace 2000 peace messages work with the One Day in Peace project.

On 11 November 19999; Richard was invited and join the UNESCO Manifesto 2000 Messenger work to further assist and promote their peace projects in countries around the world.

Thus overall Richard became part of a unique Global Peace Team lead by Mr Robert Alan Silverstein, Mr Steve Diamond, Ms Linda Grover and inspired by the support of United Nations Former Assistant Secretary General Mr Robert Muller who was instrumental in achieving United Nations Res A-54-29 support on 18 November 1999

On 1st December 1999, Robert Alan Silverstein on behalf of Mr Robert Muller, Pathways to Peace, and One Day in Peace officially notified Australia’s Prime Minister, The Hon John Winston Howard MP of the UN Res A-54-29 calling for All Nations of the world to join the global peace celebrations and the appointment of Australian Mr Richard A Fletcher’s Regional Coordinator’s position.

On 1 January 2000, The Global Team supported by the United Nations Resolution finally inspired people in 140 countries and 50 National Governments and More than 1000 NGO’s to join the 1st January 2000 celebrations as the first day of the new Millennium of Peace.

Over 70 million people signed the UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 Proclamation.


Richard’s efforts as part of the Global Peace Team efforts created and /or attracted:

Participation from over 80,000 Australians to join various Australian peace events

Gained Direct Support from Stonnington City Council, Victor Harbor, Melbourne City Council, Byron Bay Council and Western Australia people in addition to responses from State Governments of; South Australia, NSW, Qld

The Australian Nation and Peoples of the world to Celebrate 1st January 2000 as One Day in Peace marking the beginning of the International Year for the Cultural Peace in the new Millennium of Peace

Donation of The World Peace 2000 Monument by Stonnington City for future peace event celebrations