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For a World of Peace and Non Violence !

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For a Culture of Peace and Non Violence from 2000 - 2010

Robert Alan Silverstein - Life Bridge Foundation , Inc. (NY - USA)

One Day Foundation (Zedona AZ - USA)

Don Morris - Peaceday Org, (Miami Florida - USA)

Good News Agency (Italy)

Jean Huddon (Quebec - Canada)

Anti Poverty
(Work in Progress)

World Peace 2000 (Australia) believes...
Uunemployed people can become hungry people!
Hungry people will become angry people.

Angry people can become, drug addicted.
Drug addicted people do become, desperate and violent!

Violent people can become, criminals.
Criminals, mostly stay involved with other criminal people.

And criminals with no where to go, stay unemployed, hungry and angry...
their children in the majority, get in the same vicious cycle as the parents!

When we help them they do not go hungry, they may still be angry,
yet with kindness, and Narconon (without drugs) the addicted will not turn into further violence!

Do you have another solution?

Stopping the vicious cycles. Providing jobs, feeding the hungry, supporting drug addicted to overcome inner pain before they become violent will improve our society.

Let us all take responsibility let us stop our society's bad cycles support World Peace 2000 programs!

United Nations - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Homeless USA Sites
Established people look at homeless people and cannot see their usefulness because of their own narcissism.
Established people look at homeless people and cannot see the craftsmanship it takes to survive one more day because of their own egocentricity.

Established people look at homeless people and often delight in feelings of superiority, in an otherwise existential world.

"If you are surviving on the street, you have a will to live."
If you have a will to live, you deserve to live.
If you deserve to live, you deserve a place to live.
If you deserve a place to live, you deserve the law to create a place to live.

Homeless people do not exist to fulfill the will and purpose of established people.
Homeless people exist to fulfill the will and purpose of their Creator.
USA Food for the hungry

Drug Rehabilitation

Narconon - Get Off Drugs Naturally (Australia)

(Work in Progress)

MPE Mental Physical Emotional Method

Environment and Sustainability

Alan AtKisson - Believing Cassandra

Butterflyspirit Organisation

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

Chicago USA- International Conference - Sustainable Energy Future
(Third Annual Nuclear Free Great Lakes Camp)

Spiritual & Wholistic Sites

(Watbalimba Dancers photo courtesy Wayne Thorpe and age newspaper)


Global Meditations

Creative Health Network (Queensland - Australia)

World Puja (NY - USA)

United Religions Initiative (USA)

Kathryn Barnes - Absolute Art - Sherwood MI USA.

Kathryn A. Barnes - Greenwoods Art

Web Site Host & our World Peace 2000 IT Team

Steve Verbeek , Rod Cooper, John Kent, Richard A. Fletcher


Peace-Shalom-Salam, Love-Ahava-Hube & Light-Or-Nur, Hagit ( Israel)
Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Lakota Dakota Nakota People - (USA)
International Association of Educators for World Peace W.E. (USA)
Kulin Nation Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation (Australia)
World Peace Flame - Life Foundation (United Kingdom)
Byakko Shinko Kai (White Light Association) (Japan)
Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (Australia)
Creative Health Network (Queensland - Australia)
Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace (USA)
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
Radio for Peace International (Costa Rica)
Kalachakra for World Peace - (Austria)
Mahatma Gandhi Research (Germany)
Butterfly Gardeners Association(USA)
One Day in Peace Foundation (USA)
Falun Dafa (NY Headquarters USA)
World Peace 2000 Angels (Nepal)
World Peace 2000 Angels (Africa)
Jean Huddon (Quebec - Canada)
USA Food for the Hungry (USA)
VICNET (Melbourne - Australia)
United Religions Initiative (USA)
Action Without Borders (USA)
World Peace 999 (Thailand)
Brahma Kumaris (Australia)
Good News Agency (Italy)
The Bridging Tree (USA)
Peaceday org (USA)
Tamera (Portugal)