Stonnington - Victoria.

17 November 1999, Victorian State MP and Stonnington City Mayor Sign UN Peace Proclamation!


Leonie Burke MLA, State Member for Prahran in Melbourne Victoria has now joined Cr. Annette Stockman Mayor of Stonnington City Council in signing United Nations Peace Proclamation for One Day In Peace!

Both, MP Burke and Mayor Stockman, expressed their enthusiasm at a photo session in support of United Nations, "One Day In Peace" World Peace 2000 celebrations!

Mr. Richard Fletcher, UN Regional Coordinator for One Day In Peace / World Peace 2000 in accepting their signed endorsement said, many people have not yet realized the importance of Peace and many have also not realized the benefits that this unique World Wide event can bring for Australia.

One day In Peace, is marking 1 January 2000 as the beginning of UN International Year for the Culture of Peace and a Millennium of Peace, as well as that we are launching our Australian Peace Theme CD "Seeds Of Hope!"

For all these reasons, CNN and Film producers in Asia have shown interest in supporting our Australian goal for Peace and more than 900 million people just in Asia alone will get our Australian Peace message!

Mr. Fletcher adds, as part of the success of One Day In Peace celebrations around the world he has invited the Wales, World Peace Flame to come to Victoria, this Flame has been traveling by Airforce planes and has united the spirits of indigenous people from five continents. "I intend to introduce the Peace Flame to Mr. Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama and Founder of One Day In Peace, Dr Robert Muller, Former UN Assistant Secretary General at the Australian World Peace 2000 Conference, that I am planning for year 2000 / 2001. I am only waiting for official support from our Prime Minister to accept my proposal for such a conference!

However I invite you all, to turn to those people you have had a disagreement with, please get into your heart and clear your differences, make Peace with them because Peace starts with YOU!

Mayor Stockman and Mr. Fletcher have now formally agreed, for Stonnington to become permanently linked with World Peace and for Stonnington citizens to be able to witness the Peaceful Nature created by the Spiritual Flame of indigenous people from around the world. Mayor Stockman will officially welcome the World Peace Flame at Prahran Market, where the City will provide a permanent location for people to see the Flame and meditate or pray for a moment of Peace!

MP Burke added, I will ask the Governor and our Prime Minister support for such a noble cause!


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