ALL MEDIA for immediate RELEASE!


Dear Friends... This is Ground Zero!

We have witnessed the USA atrocities created by sick human minds. It is imperative that all of us throughout the world focus on the importance of remaining calm and focus on maintaining Freedom & Justice for all, as well as, to realize the importance of achieving and maintaining World Peace.

World Peace to me means that each one of us must now take responsibility for it and redefine the ways we think and live our lives.

It is our Divine and a Human right for everyone in the world to have the basics of life; food, shelter, clean water, clothing a clean environment, education, freedom, hope for the future, as well as, our Peace of Mind! So why do people in so many countries are homeless and go hungry or thirsty?

Let us stop terrorism in the world by stopping the reasons for terrorists existence!

All of us can create new, positive economical inroads by prompting our own Political Leaders, Economic Leaders and people in general to act from their hearts instead of just selfish or economical bottom line profit's motives.

People's basic needs around the world must always come first because no human in the world must go without the basic human necessities.  I now call on you to show solidarity towards the people that have been injured in this cowardly USA attack and pray or meditate for their prompt recovery and Honor the people that have given their lives in such a tragedy.

Create or join a " World Peace March" in every City in the World!

Join our World Peace 2000 Australia Peace Marches on Sunday September 16th and 23rd. Further details will be available via:

Finally I request your assistance and your contribution towards creating our World Peace "Gathering of all Nations 2002" events which are starting in Melbourne Australia in 2002.

Bring Loving Grass Root solutions so we can all create the Joy, Harmony & Peace all humans deserve to have!

God Bless us and I thank you all for your Support!

Richard A. Fletcher
Honorary United Nations Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace.
Founder World Peace 2000 Australia
12 September 2001