JOIN Melbourne Peace March, Sunday 11 AM 16 & 23 September 2001
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Dear Friends,

Ground Zero is an opportunity for a new start... We have witnessed the USA atrocities created by sick human minds however we must now ask why they acted like that. It is also imperative that all of us focus on the importance of maintaining our Freedom & Justice! Now more than ever we must to realize the importance of achieving World Peace! All of us must now take responsibility for changing and redefine the ways we think and live our lives so atrocities like this never happens again!

We have developed technology which permits everyone in the world to have the basics of life; food, shelter, clean water, clothing, a clean environment, education, freedom and hope for a healthy future!

Because there is nothing wrong with wealth, my questions are!
How much can anyone eat, how many beds one needs, how many houses anyone need? Then why, so many people, in so many places including; USA, Australia, Africa, India, Asia, South America, Europe... live in homeless poverty! Are stocks and profit shares more important that people's lives? Why the livelihood of so many poor people are presently allowed to be manipulated to extent that we as a society are creating these mad Terrorists!

I believe that crime and terrorism will be reduced when we resolve these above issues and I hope this massive New York's crime has taught our modern society the final lesson!

So I hope that our world Leaders and we as a society are civilized enough to truly share and move away from the avarice and greed of a few! Therefore, into bringing to justice those who committed the crime must be without committing other crimes! Because using millions of dollars for "war and revenge" is also a crime... this time against humanity. Since war or further crime will not heal society's reasons that give birth to such a terrible crime!

World Leaders! Wake up stop creating "The Enemy" just to justify a power existence via War Machinery Protection! Let all of us to take responsibility for the crimes of not loving our neighbors as we love ourselves! Let all of us create new, positive economical inroads. Let us all guide our Political, Economic Leaders ourselves to act from our hearts instead of selfish or economical bottom line motives. No human in the world must go without the basic necessities fulfilled, human lives must always come before profits! Those against this principle are committing a crime against humanity!

Let us show solidarity towards the injured in this NY attack, pray meditate for their prompt recovery and honor the people that have given their lives in such a tragedy. Create Peace in your heart create or join a" World Peace March" in every City in the World to say it is enough!

Join our Melbourne Peace March, Sunday 16 & 23 September
Further details will be available via:

Richard A. Fletcher
UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace Messenger

For further Information contact Richard, 61+3 9521-3267


Article received from Bob Phelps
Vigil for Peace CITY SQUARE Corner of Swanston and Collins Streets MELBOURNE 4.00 pm Sunday 16 September 2001 While it is still unknown who were the perpetrators of yesterday's violent acts in the US, there is growing concern that retaliatory measures will only lead to more suffering of innocent people. A meeting of peace, green, union and religious activists in Melbourne this evening have called a Vigil for Peace from 4.00 pm Sunday 16 September in the City Square on the corner of Collins and Swanston Streets. While many this evening had differing opinions and analysis of yesterday's atrocities, we were all in agreement that 'two wrongs don't make a right'. The purpose of the vigil is to call for a calm and balanced approach to apprehending the perpetrators rather than the escalation of racial and religious vilification and hatred. Religious and community leaders from many faiths will lead the call to stand together as one people in opposing all war and call for a peaceful and real resolution to the plague of violence based on social justice and equity. Bring flowers and/or a candle.