Dear Friend!

"United Nations, One Day in Peace/World Peace 2000" celebrations success on 1 January 2000, involved people in 140 countries. The support I received towards World Peace 2000 Australia and for our country's representation involved volunteers support from people and organisations in cities around Australia, as well as, Local, State and Federal Government representation. An incredible success achieved in three months and without funding support!

Our successful representation has prompted me to now respond on behalf of World Peace 2000 Australia and the people of Australia with our new aims. "World Peace 2002 Australian Conference" and support for UNESCO Manifesto 2000.

It is my personal view and goal that "World Peace 2002 Australian Conference," will focus on issues raised by United Nations, World Peace Leaders and the people of Australia about areas affecting humanity's needs. My aim is to bring attention and implement possible solutions in direct response to present and future issues affecting all Australians:

Unemployment, poverty, homeless, drugs, violent crimes, environment pollution, media & education, family & small business breakdowns and other important social and world issues.

I welcome individuals and organisations to raise important issues that may affect all Australians and we welcome Conference Delegates to represent all sectors of our society.

There are indications that World Peace Leaders and some 100,000 people will participate in the "Peace 2002 Australia Conference" and it's associated ceremonies. Therefore we must raise funds for this unique Australian conference, which so far has been financed by myself. Therefore we will have a series of seeding fundraising events and your cooperation and all sponsorships are welcomed!

Please send your in kind cheque donations to

World Peace 2000 Australia,
PO Box 411, TOORAK Victoria 3142

I personally thank you for your support!

Richard A. Fletcher
United Nations
Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.
Messenger of Manifesto 2000.
Founder, World Peace 2000 Australia.
Founder, 1st Yarra River & Bay clean up.