PEACE GATHERING 16 & 23 September 2001

Join "World Peace 2000 Australia" at the Melbourne City Square, Swanston & Collins Streets at 11 AM for a Peace March!

Bring a smile, candles, and banners for World Peace 2000 and wear light, bright or white colors! Start joining in the fun; contribute your Grass Roots Peace Solutions to: Unemployment, Poverty, Homeless, crime levels, Education & Environment issues and a return to heart Spiritual values, Freedom and Human Oneness! Assist in The International promotion of our unique "Australian World Peace Model" Contribute and Join World Peace 2000 in making World Peace 2000 History!

In 2002 a total of 100,000 people are invited to the "Gathering of All Nations." Participate in this our second main event! Join NOW and become a "World Peace 2000 Angel." World Peace 2000 Angel vacancies are now available for Melbourne, register for this Global important "World Peace 2000 Angel's volunteer team! All World Peace 2000 Angels will be invited to participate in the annual "Gathering of All Nations" events in capital cities around Australia.

As we grow, there will be opportunities to represent Australia in a number of International Peace Conferences! Throughout Australia our "World Peace 2000 Angels" will also be able to act as "World Peace 2000 Ambassadors." They will provide a very important role and link with the rest of our fellow Australians.

Our whole World Peace 2000 Angel network will gather and pass on "Grass Roots Peace Solutions" with the aim to improve the overall quality of life of all people in our whole society! Upon registration those who choose may obtain training and upon qualification our World Peace 2000 Angels will become teams leaders to support the overall running of World Peace 2000 (Australia)! Gathering of All Nations 2002 is already attracting Aboriginal & Community Leaders, International Indigenous Leaders, Multi Faith, Ethnic Organisations, as well as, International Artists, Speakers and political Leaders.

Richard A. Fletcher,
Founder World Peace 2000 (Australia)
UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace.
Messenger UNESCO Manifesto 2000