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"Gathering of All Nations" an annual World Peace 2000 International...
...event promoting 2000 years of world Peace & Harmony.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights!
November 18, 1999, United Nations resolution A/Res/54/29 for One Day In Peace!

Richard Fletcher is invited to join World Peace 2000 peace efforts with United Nations - One Day in Peace & Pathways to Peace Organisations.

Aboriginal Elder, "Smokey" performs the Aboriginal Sacred - Smoking Ceremony to welcome Elders and guests to the United Nations "World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace" Proclamation celebrations. (Near Healesville in Victoria)


The Honorable Peter Costello Treasurer for Australia requests Prime Minister of Australia The Honorable John Howard MP to support the World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace Proclamation.

Peter Costello PM Support

Robert Alan Silverstein Co Director One Day In Peace, United Nations NGO Representative for Pathways to Peace on behalf of Mr Robert Muller, Former, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations and Chancellor Emeritus of the UN's University for Peace in Costa Rica confirming Richard A Fletcher appointment as United Nations Regional Coordinator.

Robert Alan Silverstein, endorses Mr. Richard A Fletcher official request for Australian Prime Minister, The Hon, John Howard MP and Australia to addopt the November 18, 1999, United Nations resolution A/Res/54/29.

Robert A Silverstein Aus PM


Australian PM

Watbalimba Dancers Lead by Wayne Thorpe at Melbourne Museum


The Honorable Victor Perton, MP. representing the Prime Minister of Australia, Stonnington Mayor Cr Annette Stockman, Richard A. Fletcher World Peace 2000 Australia and Ms Kate van der Voort holding the World Peace Flame following the unveiling and lighting ceremony of the double torched "World Peace 2000 Australia Monument." 1 January 2000 at Barry Street, City of Stonnington in Melbourne Victoria

World Peace Monument

The Honorable Victorian MLA Leonie Burke, Richard A Fletcher and Stonnington City Mayor Cr Annette Stockman after signing the UN World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace Proclamation at Prahran City Council Chambers. (City of Stonnington in Melbourne Victoria)

Leonie Burke

Kate van der Voort, who carried the World Peace Flame to Melbourne Australia with Richard A. Fletcher UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace who after lighting the Hellenic Monument speaks about the Spiritual, Human and Global Peace significance created in joining the World Peace Flame and World Peace 2000 Australia Monument with the One Day In Peace... initiatives with the People of Australia on the first One Day in Peace in the world, 1st January 2000 celebrations!


Opening Ceremony of the United Nations World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace celebrations in the City of Stonnington, Melbourne, Australia.

1st January 2000


United Nations World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace Celebration, City of Stonnington - 1st Jan 2000
Kate van der Voort, Cantalicia Pincheira, Pauline Crosbie, Richard A. Fletcher and Abraham Sochezewski!


Commemorative Quilt making by Members of the Police, Alia from Aeeda Promotions, representatives from Middle Eastern Dancers, Lotus Middle Eastern Dance Troupe at United Nations - World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace just before celebrations began at Princess Gardens on 1st January 2000.


Signing of the UN World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace Proclamation by Aboriginal Elders, (Left to Right) Wurundjeri Elder Mr. Jim Wandin and wife Judy Mrs. Les Harsant and Elder Joy Wandin and Richard Fletcher near Healesville, Victoria Australia.


Aboriginal Elder and Olympic SOCOG representative Mr. Kevin Coombes with Richard A. Fletcher UN Regional Coordinator, World Peace 2000 / One in Peace (holding the Olympic Torch). (Northcote - Victoria)


Melbourne Lord Mayor, Cr Peter Costigan, with Richard A. Fletcher UN Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One day in Peace after The Mayor signed United Nations "One Day in Peace" Proclamation on behalf of the people of Melbourne at Melbourne City Council Chambers.

World Peace 2000 International and Richard A Fletcher, honors the memory of this outstanding public servant a Herald and Weekly Times colleague, a journalist and a good friend!


Sarah Talcott URI - World Peace 2000 International supporter

URI Sarah Talcott

Community Leaders at the Treasury Gardens on 1 January 2000, One Day In Peace celebrations with Richard A. Fletcher, United Nations Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.


SA Premier

Led by Allison Cameron (front row in white) with World Peace 2000 South Australia members planting "Poles for Peace" in celebration of 1 January 2000 "UN One Day In Peace."

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


World Peace 2000 Australia South Australian Team.

Alison, Henry, Martine, Aphiah, Andy and Michele.



Alison, Henry, Martine, Aphiah, Andy and Michele the "World Peace 2000 South Australia" team congratulating Richard for his amazing efforts with a wonderful hand made card!

"I am amazed by their wonderful South Australian effort!" Richard A. Fletcher



Alan Moore
Butterfly Gardeners Association & Project Chrysalis - Director & Founder
Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace - Director and Founder
International Association of Educators for World Peace - Western States Program Director
Authors for a Positive Millennium - Co-Director
"World Peace 2000 Angel!"

Alan Moore

Carmen Pincheira & Richard enjoying themselves by the World Peace 2000 International, Monument.


Wp 2000 au

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