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Indigenous Elders, NGO's, people from all ages and from around the world just like you are now joining our worldwide... World Peace 2000 Angels effort!

We are working locally and influencing Globally by focusing people in what we have in common. We are Gathering and exchanging Grass Roots Peace Solutions with and from all Nations, Religions and Cultures of the World to help humanity create and maintain World Peace!

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Our people's blend is self improving our Magical World Peace model.

World Peace 2000 Angels and World Peace 2000 International in following the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles are fully supporting our UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 Messenger status as part of our commitment to promote a Global Movement of a Culture of Peace and Non Violence at least until 2010.


Membership - Electronic Registration

I wish to register as a World Peace 2000 Angel to sponsor and support World Peace 2000 International to present the yearly "Gathering of all Nations" and its associated National & International peace conferences around the world!

In registering I agree and endorse the following...

World Peace 2000 Angel Oath:

  • I have personally chosen to become a World Peace 2000 Angel therefore, I personally commit to take all personal action possible to support my World Peace 2000 Angels branch and network as well as World Peace 2000 International, aims and objectives.
  • As a World Peace 2000 Angel I choose to create Peace & Harmony first within my myself and will do all that is necessary to create and maintain Peace & Harmony with; my life partner, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, my country, the people of the world, as well as I will maintain Sustainable practices towards our planet's environment.
  • Together with other World Peace 2000 Angels, I will do all possible to create and maintain a peaceful; suburb, town, State and Country for the benefit of my own life and the whole of humanity regardless of any individual religious, cultural or national beliefs.
  • I wish to learn ways to improve, harmonious living, new ways of communicating with all beings, in our spaceship Planet Earth and the rest of the Universe, as we come to share it!
  • I will make notes of Grass Roots Peace Solutions an practical ideas (with name source, place were they are been used and my name details for further queries), as I see, feel or come to know they could be applied to improve others lives, and I will send them, free of any financial charge, properly written to the nearest local Branch President requesting him/her to send it to the regional archive and National record of ideas for World Peace 2000 International exchange of Harmony and Peace Principles.
  • I will also pay and send my most integral annual membership and send any supporting donations as I am financially able to contribute towards those who can not financially pay towards World Peace 2000 organizational expenses and global projects as they come to hand.
  • In committing to be a member of World Peace 2000 Angels I have read and do agree to respect, learn, distribute and follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 and keep up to date with World Peace 2000 International guiding principles (constantly improving) to benefit humanity as a whole.

World Peace 2000 Angel Registration Details:

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Direct bank deposit for annual membership or donations:

Payment made to:

World Peace 2000 Angels
Bank of Melbourne - Australia
Account Number: 033-059-27 2984

Send your Internet registration details by clicking on 'Press - Send Details' button and please remember to make the bank deposit to complete your Membership registration.

Print out your membership oath and payment information for your reference or posting before returning to the previous page with the 'back arrow' key on your browser.

Thank you for joining your support and financial contribution towards WORLD PEACE 2000 ANGELS and World Peace 2000 International - efforts to create World Peace.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail: with any queries or Grass Root Peace Solutions for 2000 years of World Peace!

Surface mail Registration:

World Peace 2000 Angels
PO Box 411, TOORAK Victoria 3142 AUSTRALIA.

Please Click Here to print your Postal Membership Form - or continue with the Electronic Registration.

As 'Good Aussie Blokes' we are sharing Australia's multi cultured educational system, architecture, restaurant foods, theatres, galleries, parks and gardens, beaches, entertainment, dancers, multicultural events and shows, a variety of religious festivals and let us not forget our Sports... all of us regardless of personal nationality, religion or cultural belief are willing to share with the world the very best of what we have learned from our criminal, as well as our indigenous past and the cultures introduced to Australia by people from every continent in the planet.

We aim to have a minimum of 2,000 ... 'World Peace 2000 Angels' in every city in the world, and through sharing and educating the people in how they can also enjoy our unique peaceful Australian ways of living and the quality of life we enjoy in Australia, so we help bring Peace to the world.

World Peace 2000 Angels do offer the pivotal role, to change the world for the better and in-power people.

As we monitor people's life improvements, in all the local areas around the world we work in, we will learn from their local feedback, taking note of what works. Only adopting the improvements to our overall system and based on those local positive results, without politics or any hidden influences, we are practicing true democracy.

Thus as our World Peace 2000 Angels are trained and retrained we demonstrate and share these improved model ways, reintroducing them to places where they are needed most, just as we reintroduce them to our own Australian way of life as it needs to be to further improve Australia.

So it is important for everyone who join us to know, we are not a political or religious movement, we are a true spiritual and practical organisation creating positive changes by understanding people's needs, by continuously educating and reeducating our World Peace 2000 Angels to have a higher level of understanding and a higher concept of what humanity must be to have oneness in peace and harmony. Thus we are not about opposing anybody since that old paradigm created and maintained separation as well as wars!

Our policies are local acting, Global, Perpetual - Beneficial Symbiotic Thinking!

In these ways we will always improve the living standard of our own lives, the lives of our families and friends, at the local level for the benefit of our neighborhoods and slowly working to remove our Global Communities Fears as we create World Peace.

World Peace 2000 Angels as World Peace 2000 International messengers start by introducing peace, understanding, cooperation and communication within themselves, our family and our friends, our suburbs, country and the world for the benefit of Humanhood (brothers and sisters in harmony with nature).

So in joining us, your are expected to take direct responsible actions, to make a commitment to contribute with your yearly membership (or what ever amount you are capable of donating) to help our global cause, together we can improve or reduce:

Unemployment, poverty, homeless and hunger, use of illicit drugs, crime, a sustainable harmonious clean environment, better health, better working living conditions for everyone... ending the stupidity of war!

This means you must follow a policy of self discovery, of spiritual and human truths, a commitment to respect all laws and traditions around the world most importantly you must respect and trust yourself, so we ask you to be encouraging of others and not demanding when sharing our work with others around the world.

As a financial member you start by contributing with; your annual membership, your true legal names and up to date full addresses details so we can finance our work as well as keep correspondence with you.

In our purpose encouraging you to have Inner Peace and create World Peace we do not discriminate or stop people registering because they may not be able to contribute financially, people can give another form of energy exchange. So we ask everyone to contribute in any way they feel they can contribute in exchange of a proper annual membership.

So please help, maximize promotion, distribution and recognition for our global humanitarian work via your e-mail messages and by been part of our workshops, gatherings and our yearly National and International Peace Conferences.

Help us allocate local achievable goals and yearly targets for a sustainable environment and the people in your local region, as there are no heroes in wars (wars are only the creation of criminal minds), help us celebrate Past Peace Achievers and the people who helped with their achievements, since these people are the REAL HEROES!

So we thank you, I congratulate you and welcome you, for recognizing my small human effort, for giving me your support for Australia and World Peace 2000 International to reestablish new ethical and integral principles, to remove blame, judgement and to forgive past wrong doings so around the world we can all live in Peace!

Help to open a World Peace 2000 Angel Branch in your area!

All those who help us develop a branch will receive a World Peace 2000 International, Certificate of Recognition entitling them also with 'One year FREE Membership,' as well as the Chair position to overseas the first democratic election of the First Branch President!

Help us develop a World Peace Angels branch with 21 members.

Thank you!

Richard A Fletcher
MPE © Inner Healing - Life Coach.
Chairman World Peace 2000 International, Board & CEO
UN Regional Coordinator for World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.