We are most grateful to all MP Leonie Burke and to all Stonnington City Councillors for their unanimous, overwhelming support and donation of the World Peace 2000 (Australia) Monument that began our One Day in Peace celebrations in Australia!

We would also like to give especial thanks to Councillor and Former Mayor, Annette Stockman who on less than a day's notice allowed her precious family time to talk to us and to prepare our request for Stonnington City's endorsement of the United Nations, World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace Proclamation taken place on 1 January 2000.

Richard A. Fletcher
United Nations Regional Coordinator World Peace 2000 / One Day In Peace
Gathering of All Nations for 2000 Years

Media Release
MP Signs Peace Proclamation!

World Peace Flame - Stonnington City Program

For further information please e-mail: world-peace-2000@lycos.com


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